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664th Plane of Heck And the Big Secret Reveal.

The AC is still not fixed in the Online Store / Dispensary of Fishing Information Office, so I am going to keep this one short. It's tough to write a coherent fishing report from the 664th plane of Heck...

First, the reveal for the big secret from the last fishing report.  We got in two new items from ODM.  First, the newly redesigned Genesis Surf Rods are in.  These rods are beautiful.  Lighter, thinner and stronger than the previous model, which was a fantastic surf rod as it was. These are worth checking out.  We also got in the new Frontier X Boat Rods. ODM spent a couple years working on these, and it shows.  They really got them right.  I am surprised these rods don't sell for more. If you prefer a custom built rod, we also got in the Frontier X Boat Rod Blanks.  See Blackcloud Bob if you are interested.

On top of that, we restocked on D.N.A. Surf Rods, and ODM Surfwave Bags.

As far as fishing goes, there are fish around, go fishing!

(Told you it would be short...)

Of course, we need a comment about Ray.  Since Ray doesn't seem to mind the heat, this is very representative of him right now.