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Another Midweek Shop Update, a Bucktail Sale, and a Fishing Report.

We had a big tackle order come in yesterday.  Sheldon busted his butt putting it away.  We’ll have more specifics about what came in on social media in the next couple of days, but for now we’ll say we got a lot of stuff from Tsunami Tackle. 

 We also recently received a small order of Daiwa BG MQ reels in the 2500 size.  This is a great little reel for our current back bay fishery.  We have a limited supply, both in the shop and available online.  If you are looking for a good reel for light back bay fishing, don’t wait long on this one.

 We are having an unadvertised sale.  Well, I guess now that we are telling you about it, it is advertised.  With the new Fluke Nukem bucktails from S&S making their debut and needing room on the shelf, we are putting the remaining Rattletail and Rattletail 2.0 bucktails on sale.  They are all 40% off, in the online store only.  No discount code needed.  If you don’t want them shipped, in-store pickup is an available option at checkout. 

 When it has not been raining, the fishing has been rather good.  It was probably fairly good while it was raining too, but I don’t suspect too many people went out to find out.  The striped bass are still mostly “on the west side of the bay and in the creeks and rivers that feed it”, but we have been hearing reports of them starting to fan out to other areas with the warmer weather.  The usual suspects have been working.  Bait fishermen have been doing well on bloodworms with inline circle hooks.  People fishing artificial lures have been doing well with hard baits like  Rapala X-raps, small Yozuri Mag Darters, 5 inch Cotton Cordell Red Fins, small Scabelly Gliders and Midway Lures Swizzle Sticks, or soft baits like Kettle Creek Shads on light bullet jig heads, small Storm Wildeye Shads, small Tsunami Pro Holographis Swim Shads, and Vudu Shads

 In the rumor and innuendo department, we have had a run on Megastrike 9 inch Megashads.  What makes this unique is how briskly sales of these picked up.  That tells us there are two possible scenarios.  The first is a bunch of anglers all decided, within the same week, to start preparing for the bigger fish we expect to come through later in the spring.  The second is that some bigger fish have already moved into the area somewhere and the Magashads are working on them.  The first is plausible but not likely.  The second explains the run on these lures that we have had, but so far no one has confessed to it happening.  Good luck figuring out the mystery.

Jimmy Sweeney - Winter Flounder

We had our first weigh in of the season on Thursday, a nice pair of winter flounder caught by Jimmy Sweeney.  Both were 15 inches long and 1.5 pounds.  He got them on Barnegat bay using worms. 

 We also have a little mystery in the shop.  Someone has been adding the words “Project Mayhem” on any of the To-Do lists Ray makes.  Ray claims he does not add it to the list.  It also seems no one in the shop realizes it is a reference to the movie Fight Club (which is utterly disappointing…).  The “Project Mayhem” to-do tasks might be foreshadowing for something to come…

 You don't talk about fight club

When Sheldon found out there was something called “Fight Club” he started practicing. 

Sheldon Fight Club