Apparently, It Is Not Over

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Apparently, It Is Not Over

Our Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale is not over.  It ends Monday at 8:00 pm in the shop, and at 11:59 pm (EST) on the website.  We have the following items on sale at 20% off:

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Unless you live under a rock, or, the modern equivalent, have sworn off any form of social media, you know what has been going on in the surf since Friday afternoon.  We don’t toss the word “blitz” around lightly, but Saturday and Sunday were full out blitzes in certain spots on here in Ocean County.  The striped bass were working over schools of peanut bunker.  When they are on peanut bunker, they move fast, so the people who were most successful stayed mobile. 

The best choice in this situation is to fish lures.  The fish are actively chasing things swimming away form them, so a lure moving through the water is going to outfish a piece of bait laying on the bottom.  We heard of a lot of lures that were working.  Poppers, pencil poppers, gliders, SP Minnows, Mag Darters, swim shads, and bucktails with trailers were working well. 

There were tons of pictures from this past weekend.  Too many to post here.  So we are going to give the female anglers their time on the report. 


We’ll start with our very own Jenny.  She put a hurting on the fish with her custom built ODM rod, Van Staal reel and a Gibbs pencil popper (click the link to see what color she was using).  She caught more fish than Scott, which she is very proud of.


Sean from Grumpys was out fishing for tog earlier in the day on Sunday (see below), but followed up that trip with a trip to the beach with his daughter Scarlett.  She showed the guys in the beach how to do it while looking stylish in her new Grumpys Sweatshirt and winter hat.


Paige sent in this picture of a nice one she took from the surf on an SP Minnow.


John P. sent this one in.  It was caught using her new Grumpys SandStorm rod. 

We got so many more pictures, we couldn’t use them all.  If we tried, we would still be writing the report well into Tuesday.  Thanks to everyone who sent them in. 

Striped Bass were not the only game in town.  Ray, Sean, and Stan from S&S were out blackfishing today and put together a boat limit of tog, all nice keepers and one in the double digit weights.  All caught on S&S White Chin Wrecker jigs.

Ray wanted to be in on the report too.  When we told him we were only going to use pictures of women for this report, he sent this picture from his Thanksgiving holiday.  Yeah, we have questions too….