Bombs, Bluefish, and Flying Noodles...

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Bombs, Bluefish, and Flying Noodles...

In shop news, we added some more Bill Hurleys to the online store.  Surf anglers can skip to the next paragraph, since this is for the boat anglers.  We now have the Bill Hurley Tuna Bombs available on the website.  All the fish catching capabilities of the regular Bill Hurley Sand Eels, but with a hook capable of tackling a tuna.  The bluefin tuna are inshore right now, and there is tons of bait around.  Be prepared for when they find the sand eels and pick up some of these.

We also added Daiwa Mebachi Poppers to the site.  From the people that brought you the SP minnow, Daiwa also makes a great popper.  They cast well, have great finishes, throw a bunch of water, and most importantly, raise fish.  They are also through wired so they can handle some bruisers, like the tuna mentioned above.

As far as the fishing goes, I think the bluefish heard about the unprecedented fishing the fluke provided over the summer and have decided they wanted to be part of the discussion too.  The past couple of days the bluefish run has been fantastic.  Most of our reports have come out of Island Beach State Park, and while we got the occasional “I got nuttin’” reports from anglers who planted themselves in one spot, those who decided to do some searching found the bluefish.  Poppers killed it, like the Mebachis above, or Tsunami Talking Poppers and the traditional Superstrike Little Neck Poppers.

Here are some pics people have sent in.  The first two are “action shots” from our own Scott Wefish:


Jarret Dial hooked up.


Keith Bolen showing how it is done without losing your cigar.


Jenni built her own ODM rod and then took it out and tested it on bluefish.  Unsurprisingly, it passed with flying colors.  If you want a similar rod built, stop in and see Blackcloud Bob to get on his build list.


Oh, and the striped bass have been mixed in with the bluefish, as Matt Heagan proves.  He fooled this one with a Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper.

So, the other day in the shop Ray relays a story about how he got his wife mad at him by making a comment about dinner being cold, or something equally as ill-advised to say to someone who just prepared a meal for you.  We all shook our heads, saying Ray should know better.  Well, he may have learned his lesson, because this is how his dinner was served to him the next night…