Bonus Report (No Tag Needed)

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Bonus Report (No Tag Needed)

We posted our regularly scheduled fishing report yesterday evening, but there were still reports and pictures of fish floating in afterwards.  So much so we are doing another report for the pictures.

For those who missed it, we now have a dedicated text message number you can send your catch pictures into.  Just text your photos to the number above.  Please include your name, what you caught the fish on (ie. what bait or what lure), the length of the fish (if you know it) and a general location (for example, surf or bay.  If you are too specific, we will obfuscate your location).  Please limit the photos to fish caught locally to the shop, or fish caught anywhere on tackle purchased through Grumpys.  Please no pictures of bloody fish, fish coated in sand, or fish held incorrectly (hand deep in gills, etc) for fish that are going to be released.  We won’t post those if you send them.

We’ll cut and paste yesterdays fishing summary here, since things haven’t changed:

How is the fishing?  The surf fishing has totally blown up with Black Drum in the surf.  They are feeding on clams.  We have had reports from anglers that say they had a fish on before they could get a second rod out, and groups of anglers had multiple double and triple hook ups.

Mixed into this are striped bass, who are also taking clams.  The bluefish are still around and they are still taking mullet or cut bunker.  Poppers and swimming plugs are also working.

While they are completely overshadowed by everything else going on, the fluke are in the surf and are hitting bucktails and Gulp!

More Notable Catches:

Our cover shot - @alyssa_dimarco with a nice bass that fell for fresh clams.


@james.casaine with a beautiful bass from Monday morning on clam.


Dylan and Bradin Scholes got in on the drum bite Monday.

@joewhatimeann caught fish, but at the cost of wearing this ridiculous hat.  We think this ridiculous hat would look better.


@anthony_povoa said Grumpys clam never fails.

@anthonyrocco76 found a unicorn. Beautiful weakfish.


(OPF (Other People’s Fish) Warning):  Travis Hom grabbed a RH custom Airstrike from us and put it to good use in Rhode Island.

So, just because this is a bonus report, we are not letting Ray off the hook.  Ray spent his time off this weekend surprisingly not camping.  He built a garden.  Now Ray dreams of giant, ugly tomatoes.  He also dreams of having hair, though we don’t know why he dreams of having red hair…