Even now, still going (but different…)

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Even now, still going (but different…)

In shop news, we had a few requests to add the needlefish from Lights Out Lures to the online store.  Well, we have added them.  They are now available both in-store and online. 

Today we received a personally delivered restock of ODM Genesis Surf Rods.  The new Genesis incorporates ODM’s proprietary CNF2™ (Carbon Nano Fiber Ver. 2) technology with 1K weave butt section in a completely re-engineered blank, multi-layered nano carbon, and high-quality components. Genesis has been engineered from the ground up for surfcasters who demand the latest engineering and cutting-edge technology.  Step up from your antiquated surf blank to a newly designed Genesis. 

As far as the fishing goes, the striped bass bite is still going strong.  It is, however, morphing a bit.  There are still 40-inch class fish being caught on bunker, and if you want a big fish, you should be fishing fresh bunker.  Make sure you use the heads.

What is changing is the influx of smaller fish from the mid 20 inches to the mid 30-inch class.  These fish are feeding on peanut bunker in the surf and are readily taking lures.  All the usual suspects for lures, like the SP Minnow, Mag Darter, and swim shads from Tsunami, Storm or Vudu are working.  There have also been some blitzes where topwater was the way to go.  And we had a few reports of metals and bill hurleys picking a few fish, so the sand eels might be making a showing too.

Here are some of the notable catches from yesterday:


First, a traditional weigh in from “Polish Al” (don’t @ me, that’s his nickname…).  This fish was 33 inches and pulled the scale down to 11.95 pounds.  Al took it on a metal


Virginia Jack is still here beating up on our fish.  Here is a nice release from this morning.


Our own Scott was out this evening.  Here he is again in his favorite “superhero landing” pose while doing his best Hannibal Smith imitation.  He got his fish on a mag darter


The southern invasion continues with Randy from Virginia.  He picked up a nice one just after dark. 

We also got some reports of scattered bluefish mixed in with the bass chasing peanut bunker.

 We are going to give Ray a break from the “end of report Raymond updates”.  And not because he asked, which he did.  He was like:


But we have other fish to fry.  Have you ever been fishing a nice dark beach, your eyes used to the darkness, on a good bite that you don’t want to ruin by turning on your flashlight, only to have someone with a one million gigawatt light bar on their truck come driving down the beach?  Well, if that has happened to you, our own Capt Scott Spotlight probably owes you an apology…