Evolutions, Striped Bass, and a Pen Burglar

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Evolutions, Striped Bass, and a Pen Burglar

We had a big delivery arrive yesterday, as the ODM van showed up.  We are restocked on most ODM rods, including the Jigsters and Frontier X Surf Rods.  Sorry, the popular 9’ D.N.A. was not part of this shipment, but all other D.N.A surf rods are in stock.  We do have something new and exciting, however.  In this shipment were the new 8 foot Evolution blanks.  Rated from 3/8 to 2 oz, a rod built on this blank will quickly become your favorite light surf / back bay rod.  Come in and see Blackcloud Bob to reserve your blank and get on his build list. 


We added another item from the extensive line up of Gibbs Lures to the online store.  The ProSeries Pencil poppers are now available.  Pencil poppers are one of the most fun ways to target actively feeding fish, elciting wild surface strikes.  They also pull up fish when there are otherwise no indications any are around.  Gibbs Pro Series are upgraded lures with VMC hooks, Wolverine Split Rings, Spro swivels, and glass eyes


The Charlie Graves tins have been selling well in both the online store and the brick & mortar store.  So well in fact, we ran out of them in the online store.  We have restocked them, so if you need them, have at it. 

 As far as the fishing goes, the schoolie stripers are still being caught with regularity in the surf.  The fishing isn’t red hot, but it’s worth procrastinating on that yardwork for a nice morning or evening on the beach.  And that is when you should be looking for them, dusk and dawn.  Plugs like SP Minnows and Bomber Long As have been working, as have shads like Vudu Shads and Kettle Creeks

We had a couple different groups of anglers stop in yesterday with reports of false albacore just outside the surf line, so it’s still worthwhile to keep a resin jig in your bag.

We also heard some rumors of some big striped bass on some of the adult bunker schools.  Jigs, jigging spoons and big swim shads were working on them.  They were a bit out of casting reach for the surf anglers, but for those with boats, they were easily accessible.

Ok, so this may be getting a little bit too deep into “As the Tackle Shop Turns”, but it needs to be told.  We have a pen problem in the shop.  Pens (and pencils) regularly go missing.  Almost daily.  Blackcloud Bob needed to secure the pen for writing up repair tickets to the work bench.  Grumpy Hisself has threatened a fate worse than death on anyone who takes the pens from the desk in his office.  None of us want to find out what that is.  Anyway, when a pen goes missing, we always blame Scott, because, quite frankly, its usually him.  Or so we thought.  Up until this point, the Online Store office has been safe from the pen burglar.  The same three pens have been in use since the online store opened last November.  It’s not just a record, for Grumpys Tackle it’s a miracle.  Well, that changed yesterday.  Seems Ray had a couple tasks to do in that office, and the best of the three pens was not in its usual spot.  Ironically, its usual spot was right next to where Ray was working.  A search for said pen turned it up back in the brick and mortar store.  So, there is only one conclusion…

Ray is the pen burglar. 


(And we may owe Scott a small apology.  Nah, on second thought, we don’t…)