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Fall Weekend Report

We just had a great weekend weather-wise.  What is that you say?  You are not here for the past weather?  Oh, a fishing report?  Right…

 The fishing was great.  The mullet run is ongoing, and consequently so is the bluefish run.  Poppers have been the hot lure right now, while the best bait is fresh mullet on a mullet rig


As you can see from the caption, there are striped bass in the surf too.  They have been taking artificial lures, mostly swimbaits like kettle creek shads on a jig head, tsunami shads, storm shads, or Tsunami mullet.  Low light conditions are best. 

Speaking of bass, there still lots of school sized bass in Barnegat Bay.  They are chasing peanut bunker back there.  The same lures as above are working in the backwaters also. 

Also in the bay, the blowfish are still going strong.  Mixed in along with them are some kingfish.  Small bits of Fishbites, squid, or salted clams have been working, and anglers that are chumming have been putting together better catches than those that don’t.

There have been some pretty substantial rumors of weakfish in the bay too.  Pink Fin-s or Zoom Super Fluke on a jig head have been taking these,  

Back out to the beach (sort of) for some blackfish.  The local rockpiles have been producing tog or those fishing green crabs or sand fleas fished on Whitechin Wrecker jigs.  One big problem though are the blowfish and out of season sea bass are getting to the baits before the tog.  But if you can get past these fish, the tog are there.

Ray was in on a rare Sunday morning since Blackcloud Bob had an even rarer day off (though I am writing this at 10:25 pm and there is still a distinct possibility he may show up anyway…).  Ray did manage to get home to his favorite football team, known currently as "the football team," win a game today.  He was happy.