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Flatties and Hardtails

There isn’t too much different from yesterday, except we do have an update on Ray & Sean’s camping trip.  More on that later…

As the fishing goes, it is pretty much status quo, and status quo is proving to be fantastic.  Fluke are being caught from the surf out to the reefs a few miles off the beach.  This has been the best fluke season we have had in a while.  And, predictably, Gulp on a bucktail is accounting for most of the fish. 


Ed weighed in a nice one yesterday taken from the beach.  It pulled the scale down to 6.25 pounds and covered up 25.5 inches of the ruler. 


The albies are still around.  Here is one caught & released by Justin Miller.  It fell for a Midway Lures Resin Jig. Along with the false albacore, we have been hearing about Spanish Mackerel and bluefish chasing small bait around the surf. 

There are still blowfish in the bay being taken from boats chumming with clam chum and using Fishbites, squid, or salted calm for bait

Crabbing has been decent from the local docks.  We have the traps, drop lines, nets, and frozen bunker.  We still have a few castable crab traps too. 

Ray and Sean’s camping trip has largely been a success so far, but there have been some hiccups along the way.  Like yesterday morning, when Ray walked out of his tent (he finally figured out how to pitch it) and discovered that Sean was holding and petting a cat.  It was a black and white.  Yeah, it wasn’t a cat. 


They also discovered that Ray forgot the Captain Rons Insect Repellent.  He has had to resort to other measures…