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Good Fishing Over The Weekend

In shop news today, we added two new sizes of Texas Tackle Split Ring Pryers.  No, that is not a typo, that is what Texas Tackle calls them.  We added a new small size (with the yellow handle) for smaller slit rings on small lures like the 4 inch Rapala Xrap and freshwater applications.  We also added the blue handled extra large, extra heavy variety for changing out hooks on offshore lures. 

We still have a couple of the Killer Clam Rakes in stock.  They have been selling quickly, so if you want one, don’t wait.  Available in-store only (shipping would be cost prohibitive). 

The fishing remains fantastic.  Ray has said it is some of the best summer fishing he has ever seen.  No one in the shop disagrees with him. 

Here is a weekend review.  Let’s start with the surf.

The bluefishing has been great the past few days.  Blitzes have been popping up and down the coast near the shop. The fish have been mostly cocktail size but we have had reports of fish up to 5 pounds.  The bluefish have been falling to metal lures like small 1 oz Ava jigs, deadly dicks, and the like.  Mixed into these bluefish are Spanish mackerel.  The Spanish mackerel prefer resin jigs (which will also catch bluefish).  If you want to target Spanish mackerel, do not use a steel leader.  They have great eyesight and will be leader shy.  Of course, without the steel leader, you are at risk of losing a lure to bluefish.  Don’t worry, we have more for you.


Sarah Kaminski found both species on IBSP, and brought one of each to show us.

The fluke fishing is also fantastic in the surf, that is, when the bluefish are not around.  When they are, the bluefish are hitting the bucktail and Gulp! combos meant for fluke.  But enough people got through the schools of bluefish to put together some nice catches of fluke, as you will see in the pictures below. 


Casey Pierce picked up fluke out on Island Beach State Park, including this 20 inch, 2.9 pound specimen.


Don Brown came in with a nice 22 inch, 3.4 pound fluke he caught on a 5” Gulp Grub in the surf.


Matt returned to the shop with two fluke from the IBSP surf, both 19 inches and 2.3 pounds.  He has been killing it lately.


The infamous Shell E Caris sent in this picture of a beautiful fluke he picked up on Island Beach State Park.


Brayden brought in a nice 21.5 inch, 4.1 pound fluke from the surf. With those sunglasses, I suspect he said “I’ll be back” when he left…

Wait, that’s not a fluke.  There have been some funny fish in the surf too.  Maggie Rice sent us this picture of a houndfish she caught while fishing Gulp! for fluke. 

We have been hearing about bait rods being pulled into the water by big things swimming in the surf.  Mostly at night.  Keep an eye on those spiked rods folks.  


Fishing in boats has also been lights out.  Our own Scott (@wefish138) stowed away on someone’s boat and brought back a nice limit of fluke.  The biggest was just shy of 5 pounds.  He got them on S&S Fluke Nukem Bucktails and Gulp!

The offshore scene has been good too.  The midshore lumps and wrecks are still holding tuna, both bluefin and yellowfin.  The fishing is better when the boat traffic is lighter, so if you go, try not to go on a weekend.  Chatter Lures Side trackers have been working for the trollers.  We have them available in-store only.  The jig bite has been good in the morning, and we have Nomad Streaker Jigs and Madd Mantis jigs for that fishery.

Blackcloud Bob is still somewhere in Florida.  We don’t know where.  Neither does he.


A joke was played on Ray yesterday, and not by Bob or John (the two usual culprits in what Ray would call the endless harassment he receives).  There is a new player on the field.  The joke involved a hot dog.  Ray’s reaction was priceless…