Happy Friday The 13th...

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Happy Friday The 13th...

If the fishing reports seem to be very repetitive, well, it’s because they are.  Blame the excellent surf fluke fishing we have been having.  In all honestly, I don’t need to write a report.  I can just link back to the last one.  But there are a few things to talk about.


First, we were running very low on the most popular color of Gulp! (pink shine) in the most popular size for big fluke (six inch grub).  Honestly, I think Ray was panicking the most (I may have just revealed his “secret” weapon.  Ok, maybe no secret, but certainly his favorite).  Anyway, we got plenty in, and in two forms.  The usual ziplock pack of 4, and the tub (which they don’t give a count of because they sell it by volume).  The tub has the additional advantage of being filled with Gulp Recharge, which allows you to reuse your Gulp! baits.  The tubs of grubs (heh heh heh) are unfortunately only available in store at this time.  We do have the tubs of Swimming Mullet available online.  And if you hit us up on the Contact Us page, we can probably figure out a way to get you a tub of grubs (heh heh heh) for those who don’t feel like showing up.

We also had some weigh ins:


Gerry came in with a couple of surf-caught fluke up to 2.7 pounds on Gulp!


Tim Molchen came in with a nice 6.15 pound, 25 inch fluke. He used a boat to catch this one. 


Another boat caught fluke, Matt brought in this 23.5 inch, 4 pound fluke that fell for a 6 inch Gulp! Grub in Pink Shine (Ray’s secret is out).

We had an angler in the shop today saying there was a lot of bird action out on IBSP and he and the guys around him didn’t hook a thing.  After some discussion on what they were using (large metal lures), we can make a pretty good assumption the fish causing the commotion were focused on small bait, and were either small bluefish or Spanish mackerel.  Likely the latter because small blues are not usually shy about trying to eat something way to big for them.  If they are Spanish mackerel, you want to throw something compact at them, like the Midway Lures Resin Jig

We are going to give Ray a small break in the fishing report today.  It’s Friday the 13th, and in talking with Jenni, she was disquietingly excited about the day. Apparently this is practically a holiday for her.  When I mentioned a Friday the 13th themed animated .gif of Ray for the report, she requested I do one of her instead, and suggested Mrs. Voorhees from the movie of the same name.  Now, I don’t normally take requests here, and was going to twist her request and swap her face with Jason Voorhees instead, but I ran into a bit of an issue.  Jason Voorhees, for those unfamiliar with the movie, wears a 70’s era hockey mask.  So, making the edit to the file to replace Jason’s face with Jenni’s face looks…..exactly the same.  So Jenni gets her request unchanged.  I present her as Mr’s Voorhees. 

(Just in case, you all may want to give her a wide berth today in the store…)