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Reports of Unicorns

We heard an interesting report recently. But first, shop news…

We just received a new shipment of Grumpy T-Shirts and Sweatshirts. These are the screen printed, multi-colored shirts with the different logos on them. We got some new colors in on the t-shirts, and a new color sweatshirt. We have limited amounts on the new color hoodie in even more limited styles, so if you want to find out what that color is, stop in the shop soon.

We received a load of Portarod rod holders. They fit in the back of your pickup and hold 5 rods in a “rocket launcher” configuration. No tools required, and you can adjust the angle the rods are held at.

We also received more VS Power Knobs in the 100-150 size, and in both colors this time. We also have the 200 series size in stock.  Don’t wait, these won’t last long.

Fluke season has opened for our neighbors to the north. (That’s NY State for those who are directionally challenged). We have all the stuff you need for fluke, including Gulp!, teasers, rigs, and ALL THE JIGS you need. Now is the time to stock up and get ready for those who are waiting for New Jersey’s fluke opener. Its May 22nd, and it is approaching quickly.

Now for the local fishing.

The bluefish are still the king of these waters. We are hearing about them in inlets to the north of us. That is plural. They are also in many places all over Barnegat Bay. And guys fishing lures in the surf are picking them up too. Surface Plugs, SP Minnows, and metals are working.

There are striped bass in the area too. Anglers in the surf soaking clams or chunks of bunker and getting mostly shorts and the occasional keeper. No “overs” yet that we have heard of, but they should be coming up from the Chesapeake shortly. For those who like fishing lures, rubber paddletails like Kettle Creek Shads are working in the low light hours.  

Now, for those unicorns we teased in the title. We got reports of two.

One angler came in for clams, but he wasn’t using them to catch striped bass. He was catching blowfish. So why are we calling blowfish unicorns? They seem to be all over Barnegat Bay ever summer, which is hardly worthy of unicorn status. We are calling them a unicorn because it seems kinda early for them to be around.

The other unicorn is more worthy of the title. A local angler, who shall remain nameless, has been catching weakfish (yes, we said weakfish) with some regularity. They have all been within 2 inches plus or minus the 20 inch mark. He hasn’t said where he’s getting them, so sorry, you are going to have to figure that one out yourself. (We can’t do all the work for you…)

Yesterday was “Star Wars Day” (May the 4th Be With you). We didn’t know, but Ray is a HUGE Star Wars nerd. The biggest Star Wars nerd, believe me. He left early to go celebrate. Unsurprisingly, he likes to cosplay as an Ewok…