Scabelly, Interrupted

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Scabelly, Interrupted

For those who follow our social media accounts, this will not be news to you.  For the 5 or 6 of you who do not, here’s the news.  We have enacted our fallback contingency plan for the Scabelly visit and winter sale based on the weather forecast for Friday evening and Saturday.  If you just said to yourself “Huh?”, it means, due to the predicted snowstorm, Scabelly is now scheduled for his in-store appearance Saturday February 5th.  Our instore winter sale will occur that weekend also, both Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th.

Now for a little good news.  The winter sale for the online store is still on for this weekend.  So if you are stuck inside because of the snow, are bored and kinda angry at mother nature that you couldn’t shop at Grumpys this weekend, now you can virtually.  All the same great products (ok, well, most, but we are working on it), without all the smells.  You can use the code WINTER22 for a discount on select items (see picture above) and we will ship it to you.  Or, if you really do miss the smells, you can choose in-store pick-up, save on shipping charges, and come get your items at your convenience. 

And even more good news for the online shoppers, the winter sale will also occur online the same weekend Scabelly is in the shop.  So you have two chances to save some money.

Also, in addition to the 20% discounts, all S&S Bucktails Rattletail and Rattletail 2.0 bucktails are 50% off original price.  There is no discount code needed for this savings, and while supplies last…


Now for some great news.  Ray is buying tackle like a drunken sailor on shore leave.  We just got in approximately 18 big boxes of product.  Of those, 15 or so were boxes of rods.  And they are rods we have been waiting on to arrive. Rods like the very popular, and up until now, hard to find Tsunami Carbon Shield rods.  Made famous on Youtube, these rods catch a lot of fish.  They are a great inshore boat rod, or a great back bay rod.  They would even make a good rod to fish fluke in the surf on calm days in the summer.


We also got in a bunch of the reels that were made famous along with he Carbon Shield rods, the Tsunami Evict reels.  Developed as a bottom fishing reel with heavy duty stainless steel gearing, these reels also cast as well as more expensive spinning reels.  They are a great “do-everything” spinning reel.

 What else did we get?  We restocked on a lot of other Tsunami rodsSlimwaves, 5 Star Series Spinning and Casting, Trophy Series Slow Pitch Jigging Rods, Classic Casting Rods, Trophy II Surf Rods, and Airwave Elite Surf rods.  We restocked in-store and online. 

Fishing report?  That’s easy.  We have a winter storm coming.  No one in their right mind will be fishing this weekend.  Enjoy the football games, stay safe in the snow.  We’ll see you next week and weekend.

With all the planning and prepping for this special event, you would concerned about Ray and how he is taking the postponement.  Not well.  He’s still in a bit of denial…