Slower fishing, but still there....  And Scabellys!

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Slower fishing, but still there.... And Scabellys!

The fishing has slowed down, but there are still small striped bass in the surf for those who are trying.  Mornings seem better, but we have been hearing about evening fish too.  And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, use stuff that imitates a sand eel...

And now for something completely different (in other words, doesn't imitate a sand eel)

Scabelly gliders are here.  We have a batch for online sales only.  Don't go to the store, they won't be there.  Don't call the store, they will only tell you to reach out to us at the Contact Us page. 

They will be available online Tuesday morning (12/29/2020).  

Read This.  It is Important

These plugs are in high demand and at a limited quantity.  We are expecting them to go fast.  Unfortunately, this will expose a glitch in the way Shopify handles check outs.  So, pay close attention.  If you put a Scabelly plug in your cart, it is not guaranteed to be yours until you pay for it.  Reread that.  It is not yours until you pay for it.  Shopify does not consider an item sold, and therefore does not reduce inventory count, until it is paid for.  If you put a plug into your cart, and then look around the site for other stuff to buy, it is possible the plug could be sold out from under you.  We at Grumpys Tackle don’t agree with the way they implemented this functionality, but short of hiring a developer and re-writing their code, it is what we have to live with.  So, with that said, when you pick the plug(s) you want, put them in your cart, and go right to checkout.  Normally we would encourage you to buy as much as you want, but in this case, buy your Scabelly plugs and get the heck out of here.  Come back later for the other stuff…

If you have any issues, reach out to us on our Contact Us page.  DO NOT CALL THE STORE.  They will not be able to help you and will only tell you to reach out to us at the Contact Us page.