Spring Has Sprung

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Spring Has Sprung

Before we get to the fishing, we have a big announcement to make.  This upcoming weekend, March 26th and 27th, we are having our annual “Spring Has Sprung” sale.  Details in the picture above.  You are going to want to be there early, as John from Scabellys will be here again on Saturday morning.  Last time his plugs lasted less than an hour after the doors opened.  We expect this time will be no different. 

We will also be having some free seminars on Saturday.  You won’t want to miss these.  From 10:30 to 11:30 Stanley Gola will be talking about using bucktails to catch big ocean fluke.  From Noon to 1:00 pm Shel E Caris will be giving up some of his secrets for fishing from the surf and from jetties.  Last, and certainly not least, Scott Thomas from Grumpys and Bob MacMaster from Yakkity Yak Kayaks will be speaking about the basics of Kayak Fishing. 

In other shop news, we have done some reorganizing and have expanded our election of Gulp!.  We have moved it all to the back wall (and by we, I mean Jenni, with some “supervision” from Ray) where the rigs used to be.  The rigs are where the Gulp! used the be,  and are also much more organized.  When you come in and can find what you are looking for, be sure to thank Jenni. We also added a new size to the Gulp Grubs (8 inch)  and two new colors (Black Bling and Motor Oil Red).  We think both will be a big hit

We received a big shipment of Lil’Docs, with plenty of the very effective and very popular bone color. 

As far as the fishing goes, the bass are now all over the place in Barnegat Bay.  This weekend bloodworms seemed to work better than lures, but all the “usual suspect” lures were working too. East or west side were both producing fish.

Here are some highlights.


@MWC0420 got into them good in the dark.


Mr Scabelly himself also got into them in the dark.  What did he get them on? A Scabelly glider of course.


@CPR.Fishing sent this one in.  Either there are stripers in the jungles of Panama, or CPR.Fishing does not want anyone to know where he was.  We can certainly respect the obfuscation of the background to prevent the spot burn.


@MannyD123 got a nice one in low-light conditions. Again, nice job or preventing the spot burn.

 We don’t know if Ray is happy because it is spring, or happy for the spring sale.  Either way, a happy Ray is a good Ray.  Don’t tell Blackcloud Bob, he’ll just ruin it…