The Bass Remain, The Drum are Back

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The Bass Remain, The Drum are Back

First, shop news:  We’re proud to sponsor Tupperware Navy’s Mid Atlantic Kayak Open. If you are looking for a kayak tournament, be sure to check this out. It’s run by our very own Scott, but don’t let that scare you away.  He is a pro at running tournaments.  Winning them?  Meh….

We are coming up to the summer chunking season, where throwing a big, oily chunk of bait into the surf can produce any number of large critters.  We have added a few rods to the lineup for those who partake in this fishing.  The Tusnami Trophy II Conventional Casting Surf Rods are meant to throw large weights and land large fish.  Give them a look.

We are also coming up on snapper bluefish season in the bay.  They are usually easy to fool by hanging a spearing under a bobber, but sometimes that can be a boring way to fish for them.  Small artificial lures are fun, but not nearly as productive as a real spearing.  Now you can combine both techniques with the Tide Right Snapper “Spear-It” rig.  Put a spearing on it like you would put a mullet on a mullet rig and now your natural bait can be fished like a lure.  Best of both techniques. 

The surf fishing remains steady from the last report.  Stripers on clams and some artificials in low light.  Bluefish on poppers, mullet and cut bunker.  Fluke on bucktails and Gulp!.  The only difference is last report we said it looked like the drum bite was finally finished and they made liars of us.  They were back in the surf taking clams baits.  This is the second time they tricked us.  Drum really are jerks…

Here are some notable catches:

John just sent us this picture. Decent action in the surf Saturday on Clams.

Check out this black drum caught by Bill G. Saturday morning.

In his own words:  @rickt5446 — “Thanks for the fresh clams guys!“

Joe Desmarais with a beautiful 3.95 pound, 23 inch Fluke he caught on an SP minnow in the surf

Speaking of coming up on seasons, we are coming up on “Ray isn’t in the shop because he is camping …… again”  season.  No one in the shop is particularly excited about this, except one person.  And he is very excited…