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The Weather Didn't Cooperate

With two fishing tournaments running locally this weekend, we got the usual challenging weather we seem to get for land-based fishing tournaments.  Still, both seemed to go off without a hitch.  Fish were caught even in the less than stellar conditions.

Prior to the blow, the mullet run was still going on, though it was winding down.  The bluefish were still chewing the sand off the beach, changing their target of choice from mullet to rainfish.  False albacore were massacring the rainfish too.  Striped bass were to be found both in the surf and in the back bay, though not in big numbers or big sizes yet.  The blowfish are still in the bay, and weakfish can be found if you look around for them.  Its been a good fall so far, and this nor’easter may reset some fishing, but we expect it to continue to be good when it is over.


We had one weekend over the weekend.  Mike Carson got a nice tog from the Manasquan Inlet on green crabs.  We have plenty of green crabs in the shop.  We also have plenty of S&S White Chin Wrecker jigs for those who want to target blackfish.

Ray is back from camping.  He had a good time…

And this picture is also from the camping trip.  It is unedited (like all of our pictures of Ray…).  It IS Sean in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hoodie. He is a hero in a half shell...