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VRs, Fluke, and Jim The Fish

So in yesterday morning’s fishing report we announced we got some Van Staal VR reels in to the shop.  Well, with this weird product pipeline we have been dealing with, we got some more in yesterday too.  This time we got in some VR201 (i.e. LEFTY) reels, in both colors.  We have a couple available in the shop, and a couple available here in the online store. 

We also still have a couple of the older style VR series with a free spare spool and free line spooled in our shop.  You pick what kind of line (mono or PowerPro, and what pound-test). Take advantage of this deal while supplies last.

In our last report, we speculated the excellent fluke fishing was, or at least would be, occurring in the surf but we didn’t see any fluke weighed in based on all of the reports of fluke anglers dealing with cow-nosed Rays.  We were correct.  The fluke are still there, and are still hitting bucktails and Gulp!


The legendary Shell E. Caris brought in this 23 inch, 4.35 pound fluke taken from the surf. 

We have been hearing about amazing blowfishing in Barnegat Bay.  People literally catching over one hundred in a trip.  You will need clam chum and a chum pot to attract them to the boat.  Once you get them there, small pieces of clam, squid, or Fishbites will catch them.  This is a great fishery to introduce kids to fishing, as the action can be fast and furious with little time to get bored.

Also yesterday, we mentioned that we were looking for Jim The Fish.  I am happy to announce that Jim The Fish has come home.  Here he is in his tank by Blackcloud Bob’s rod building area. He is looking forward to meeting all of the Grumpy customers, but says “If any of you MFers tap on my glass, I will tell my friends not to bite your hook.  You’ve been warned.”  He definitely fits in here at Grumpys.

We have to keep Ray away from the fish tank…