Megastrike 9 Inch MegaShad - 5 Pack

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The 9 inch MegaShad Lure is for serious fishermen wanting to catch serious fish. With its lifelike swimming action and its realistic profile, this bait means business. The MegaShad Lure was designed to catch monster saltwater fish lurking for a large, easy meal. It has also caught giant largemouth bass as well. This is a tremendous bait for catching giant striped bass in both fresh and salt water.  It has a lifelike profile that fish are conditioned to attack as well as a swim tail that sets off vibration like real baitfish. The MegaShad Lure is loaded with salt and infused with MegaStrike™ Fish Attractant. The fish just can’t resist them.  When a fish wants a large profile bait-the 9 inch Mega Shad Lure is the bait to throw.

Rig up with a heavy jig head to fish deep, or with a wide gap swimbait hook to entice fish near the surface.

Available in 7 colors and sold in no-frills 5 packs.  


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-