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We have a deal for you.  We have some t-shirts available at a discount that will quickly become your favorite lucky fishing shirt.  Want more details?  Read on. And please read carefully.

We have multicolor shirts in our brick and mortar store with various screen prints on the  back, and in multiple colors.  Both long sleeve and short sleeve.  They are hung in racks under fluorescent lights that, after a long time, fade them.  We have collected them up over the past year or so and  we are selling them at a discount.  Most are faded across the shoulders, but we also get some in that have small stains from some point in the manufacturing process.  Most of the colors that faded are the blues and greens, but there are some other colors in the mix.

So how does this work?  If you want a t-shirt, you pick the size and whether you want long sleeve or short sleeve.  What you will get is a shirt of a random color with a random screen print.  Some may have pockets, some may not.  The only guarantee is that they will say Grumpys Tackle on them and will have some sort of imperfection.  

Other than the fading or a random stain, there is nothing wrong with the shirts.  This is why they will make great fishing shirts.  We don't recommend them for anything important, like birthday parties, weddings, funerals, family holiday gatherings, etc. (Of course, if you don't like your soon to be new sister in law, maybe you will want to wear it to that wedding, but we are staying out of that...).  

Some rules for this sale:

  • You get what you get, which will be the shirt on the top of the pile for your size and sleeve choice.  Request for colors or specific screen prints will be ignored.  
  • No returns.
  • While supplies last. (We will eventually change those lights)
  • If you get in trouble with family wearing these somewhere you shouldn't, that's on you.   
  • How "Lucky" the shirt is may vary.  

 The pictures shown here are samples of the screen prints you may get, though it is not an inclusive list.  The pictures of the fading are representative of the worst of the fading.