About Us

Founded in 2002, Grumpys Tackle has fast become a leader in the full-service tackle industry. From our custom rod building and reel service departments to our expert fishing info and advice, we got you covered. We carry a full line of the latest rods, reels and accessories to accommodate anyone from the novice to the most seasoned angler. Whether it be a relaxing day fishing with your family at the local fishing hole or pursuing your favorite big game fish by boat or in the surf, let Grumpys serve all your fishing needs.


Tom "Grumpy Hisself" Hansen
Owner/Shop Mascot
Grumpy Hisself

Where do we start? Tom has been in the tackle industry since the 90's (whether it is 1890's or 1990's, he won't say). He opened up the "Original" Grumpys Tackle out of his garage back in 2002, and after an overwhelming response he felt he needed a bigger and better shop. In 2006, the Grumpys Tackle empire was opened in Seaside Park and the rest is history! Tom is known for his "Grumpy" persona, but do not let that fool you! He loves to break chops, but there is not a harder working and more generous person in this industry. As for fishing, he loves to target Tarpon at his 2nd home in Trinidad where he visits a few times a year.


Ray Kerico
Ray "I like Senkos" Kerico

Ray has been in the fishing industry for pretty much his whole life. He began at a small tackle shop at a very young age. There he learned the ins and outs of running a tackle shop.  He was ordering product and managing inventory at the age of 16! In 2008 Grumpys Tackle came calling for Ray and the rest is history. Ray does almost all the ordering at the shop and is known for having his finger on the pulse of the fishing industry. Keeping the shop full of the latest and greatest stuff is Rays full time job and he doesn't disappoint! If Ray is not in the shop you can expect to see him fishing for blackfish, fluke, and mako sharks.  He’s also been known to toss a senko or two at little green fish, but we still think he’s OK.


Bob Hyrszko
Owner/Rod Builder/Human Resources Director

Bob started off as a customer of Grumpys Tackle! There he found his new love,  Rod Building. Since being bitten by the rod building bug, Bob has become a well-respected, highly skilled, and sought-after rod builder. When he is not at Grumpys, he can be found fishing locally or in Trinidad with Grumpy, testing new tackle on giant Tarpon.


Frank Zappella
Reel Technician/Assistant Manager
Frankie Z

 Fishing as long as he can remember, Frankie Z. brings a variety of fishing experience to round out our staff's vast amount of angling knowledge. Having managed a small Mom and Pop bait shop has prepared him for the role as Grumpys Assistant Manager. He is also our experienced and accomplished Reel Technician, repairing all major brands on the market today as well as the classics.  His pursuit of the Striped Bass has not wavered over the last 35 years, whether it be by boat or by surfcasting.


Sean Smida
Employee / "Bait Master"
Sean Smida

 Sean has been in the tackle industry for a long time! He started with Ray at a small mom and pop tackle shop in Toms River, NJ.  At Grumpys, you will usually find Sean behind the counter helping customers or managing the "bait situation". Nobody takes care of fresh bait as well as Sean does.  When Sean is not at Grumpys, he is usually out fishing and showing everyone how it is done!


John Budish
Online Sales Manager
Master of Small Fluke...

John has been fishing since he could hold a rod and turn a reel handle.  He is currently in charge of all online sales in the Grumpys Tackle e-commerce store.  On Sundays he can be found working in the brick and mortar shop.  When not in either of those roles, he can be found out fishing on his boat or from the beach, chasing striped bass, fluke, mako sharks, tuna and many others.


Jenni Sarah Ackerman  

Meet Jenni Ackerman, a foreboding presence on the beach during the fall striper run and a “friendly” face to blackfish next to on a boat, just don’t mug her spot. She has an undying passion for fishing but her all-time favorite species to target, study, tag and release, is the glorious blackfish. One of her passions is helping people get on fish and it brings her true joy to see them successful catch said fish. You can find her working the register or storming the coast and river for her latest catch.


Scott Thomas  

Scott is hands down the most gregarious person in the store.  The accomplishment he is most proud of is earning the title of shop fluke fishing champion over Ray. We are all still wondering how that happened.  When not in the shop, you can find Scott on the beach, sod banks, or in the kayak following the fish wherever he can find them. His obnoxious presence always guarantees a good time. His dislikes are ghouls and peoples' knees.