Reel Repair

If it's a fishing reel, Frankie can fix it!

Need a reel cleaned or serviced? We have you covered!

Frankie Z. can fix just about any reel on the market from Zeebaas to Mitchells! . We recommend getting you're reels cleaned every winter. Drop them off and we'll call you when they're done!  Saltwater abuses your reels, therefore getting them cleaned regularly is a must-do as it will increase the lifespan of your reel.

Frankie goes into extreme detail when cleaning your reels. Every reel we open goes into an ultrasonic part washer to strip away any old grease.

Stop in and talk to Frankie or call him at the shop (732-830-1900) if you have any questions.

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Do you have a reel that needs some love but you can't make it to the shop?  Click the button below, read the instructions carefully, fill out the form, and ship the reel to us.  Frankie will do his magic and we will ship the reel back.