Local Weather, Tides, and Other Useful Meteorological Information

Need to know what the weather is going to be like?  Here is today plus the next 6 days



If that is not enough information for you, any of the links below should have what you need

Weather Channel
Weather Underground 


The most common question we get asked at the shop is about the tides.  Here are two useful graphs to answer any tide questions. (Plus, they have Solunar information on them too, so bonus for you).  The Seaside Heights tide graph is the tide for the Atlantic Ocean, while the Seaside Park tide graph is the tide in Barnegat Bay.

Need marine forecast information? Try this. It is the marine forecast for the Atlantic Ocean just off of Island Beach State Park, NJ:

 BuoyWeather has discontinued its weather widget service.  While we search for another acceptable weather widget for marine weather, please enjoy this concept picture of Ray with hair...

You probably want a graphical wind forecast too, don't you? Ok, fine. Here is one: (Oh, and hit the play button to see the wind forecast for the next couple of days)


But what about the moon? What's the moon doing? Well, for those of you too impatient to wait until tonight and look out your window, here you go:

Moon Phase (Today)


The second most common question we get is "What does the ocean look like?" To avoid getting the answer "Well, it's big and full of saltwater...", check out the links to a couple local surf cams below (And FYI, before you complain that they are just a black screen, check the time in NJ.  They are probably working, it might just be dark out):

The Surfers View - Live Surf Cam - Ortley Beach, NJ 
The Surfers View - Live Surf Cam - Lavallette, NJ 
The Surfers View - Live Surf Cam - Bay Head, NJ 


Now with all this information, you have no more excuses. Get your butt off the internet and go fishing.


Or stay on the internet and buy something from us.