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Have you been spending years searching for a container that would prevent Gulp juice from leaking?   We've all been there.  We all know the Gulp! containers don’t cut it once the original seal is broken.  The Gulp! liquid regularly defeats the “leakproof” containers from the big box store.  And when that liquid does get out, it gets all over your car, your boat, your plug bag, your waders, your clothes, etc.  While fish may love that scent, other humans?  Not so much…

We have the answer to this dilemma.  Introducing the Bait Locker.  With Bait Lockers leaks won't happen anymore. Upside down or on its side they keep the liquid where it should be...inside! They are also great for minnows, eels, crabs or keeping your valuables dry.

There are 2 sizes. The large white Bait Locker holds approximately one gallon and is great for boat fisherman or surf fisherman who fishes from a beach buggy.. The small black Bait Locker holds about one quart and is perfect for the surf or boat fisherman, it also fits perfectly inside a plug bag.

Bait Lockers are truly leakproof, unbreakable (within reason), and they also float (large white will float over 8lbs and small black will float over 2 lbs).  The large white model also has a place you can attach a lanyard for use on a kayak, or anywhere else it could fall overboard. 


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-