Al Gags The Gagster

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At first appearance The Al Gags Gagster might look like a glide bait; trust us when we tell you it is not. Developed to entice explosive strikes either on topwater or just below the surface. The Gagster fools 'em with its tantalizing triple-action.

Designed to mimic a fleeing baitfish. The floating Gagster can be either fished across the surface at steady retrieve or cranked down to 3 feet. Its tight side-to-side wobble imitates the movements of a baitfish scrambling for its life while the trailing blade vibrates and makes a commotion that engages a fish's prey drive.

Constructed from ABS using a proprietary tongue and groove design, The Gagster withstands savage strikes.

At 2.4 oz and 6" in length The Gagster is the perfect size baitfish imitation.

The action is determined by the tip of the rod in an up or down direction with the retrieve. Up provides a top water wobble effect and down a sub surface shimmy.  Reeling faster will cause it to dive up to three feet.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-