Deadly Dick Long Casting / Jigging Lures

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Deadly Dick Long Casting / Jigging Lures are excellent for surf casting, deep jigging while drift fishing and even trolling. They are very popular along the east coast of the the USA for Striped Bass & Blue Fish. Vary the speed of retrieval to create the action you desire and the fish won't say no. This style of Deadly Dick is becoming more and more popular for big lake trout and pike. On the west coast Rockfish, Ling Cod and Halibut just can't resist! The #4 long is just shy of 4 oz. and can be fished effectively at depths of 180-200 ft., providing currents are not too swift. When given slack line while jigging, they have a slow flutter action making them an easy target for feeding Chinook (King) salmon. Match the color and the size with the bait in your area and your Deadly Dick will work miracles for you!

Size Chart:

Model Length (Body) Weight
#3/4L 2.5" 0.39 oz
#1L 3.5" 0.85 oz
#2L 4" 1.36 oz
#3L 4.5" 1.75 oz
#4L 5.5" 3.30 oz


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-