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The Madd Mantis Plank is a spook-style "walk-the-dog" lure on steroids.  The mission in making the Plank WTD (Walk the Dog) Bait was to make a saltwater-intended super durable WTD that throws far, is easy to work in rough seas, simple to work from land or boat, and doesn't break the bank. What Madd Mantis produced was the most versatile WTD Bait on the market. It has an ability to call the biggest of fish from long distances and is strong enough to handle your next sea monster.

The Plank is 6.56 inches long and weighs 1.7 oz.  We have it available in 4 colors.

Thoughtful design details:

  • The Plank is injection molded in a proprietary ABS plastic, making it as strong and resilient as the bumper of your car.
  • The bait’s two chambers are fused together using a sonic welding technology. This technology melts the two sides together using hypersonic vibrations, creating a finished product that is super strong and extremely watertight.
  • The through wire system is thoughtfully contained in a closed channel running down the belly of the bait, reducing the chance of sea water getting inside the bait.
  • The still posture of this bait in the water is close to horizontal, eager to take its first steps.
  • Madd Mantis incorporated a low-tone rattle that drives fish out of their minds with anger and calls them from great distances.
  • Internal X ribs give the external appearance of scales, while also serving to hide the cross braces that prevent the bait from crushing under extreme pressures.
  • The under-nose line tie aids to quickly position the bait on the surface, so it glides with the smallest motion of the rod tip.
Item Size/Weight Stock Hook Size
PLANK 159 6.56 inches / 1.70 oz Size 2/0 Trebles
PLANK 205 8.07 inches / 3.00 oz Size 4/0 Trebles


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-