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Another mid-week fishing report

But first, some shop news…

We have a new plug brand in the store.  Our first shipment of Lights Out Lures arrived Tuesday.  Dannys, Slims and Peanuts. The bunker color Lights Out does is hot.  Available in the store only currently.  If you want one (or three) and need them shipped, contact us here

We have been restocked on JoeBaggs Sand Eels.  Currently available only in the shop, but if you want them shipped to you, contact us here

Storm WildEye Live Sand Eel

While we are talking about sand eels, new to Grumpys, we have Storm WildEye® Live Sand Eel.  At 6 inches long, and 7/8 oz, these make a perfect swimbait to toss to fish slurping down sand eels, and even large spearing.  Available both in the store and online. 

A reminder, our hours have change to summer hours, 4:30 am to 8:00 pm. 

Now, on to the fishing report. 

The tog bite has still been good.  Local fisherman Mike came in this past evening to pick up some rod building supplies, including a blank, because he broke his tog jigging rod on a recent trip, and wants to build another before his next planned trip.  On the trip that broke his rod, he and his friends had a boat limit of tog up to almost 10 pounds, with lots of throwbacks. 

We had another angler come in nearly breathless this evening looking for the lure the guy next to him on the beach was using.  The angler said the other guy was getting striped bass on every cast, and the guy said he got the lures at Grumpys (Thanks for the recommendation whoever you were).  The mildly panicking angler originally said he was looking for a “creek chub,” but after a few questions and a description, we determined he was looking for Kettle Creek Shads.  He left with those, and the proper jig heads, to head back to the beach.  So, long story made short, the bite on lures in the surf seems to be heating up very nicely.

The striped bass in the bay has remained steadily hot.  We have heard more reports closer to the inlet as the water is warming up, but there are still stripers all over the bay. 

Its getting to be that time of year that we expect to get our first solid bluefish report from the bay.  We have heard rumors, but have nothing we can confirm yet.  The timing, however, is correct, so we are hopeful to get a confirmed report soon.  We will have the poppers you need when they do arrive.  Who wants to be our first report?

Those of you who were in the shop yesterday might have noticed the lack of Ray’s presence.  He took the day off.  He had to check in at camp…


(I stole that joke from Bob…)