Bass On The Move and Lots of Stuff Arrived

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Bass On The Move and Lots of Stuff Arrived

But first, shop news…

We received one of our biggest orders from one of our distributors today.  Many products have been restocked, plus there are new items in both the store and online shop.  We’ll be adding new stuff to the online shop for a week it feels like.  Here is what we have added so far:


We added a number of items from Cuda.  The Hook Cutter is a good item to have on hand for emergencies.  We also added a nice sheath and lanyard combo, or, if you don’t need the sheath, a 2 pack of lanyards.  Wanna know how big that fish really was?  We got you covered with their nylon Fish Measuring Tape


For those still struggling with leaky waders, we now have Repair-All by Sno-Seal.  This stuff will seal just about anything.

We kept our crabbers in mind by adding drop lines to the online shop.  We will be adding more crabbing gear as we get closer to summer.  If there is anything you specific you want available online, let us know.

Coming soon for the online store will be more colors of Heddon Spooks, Rebel Jumpin’ Minnows, Fish Monkey Wool Gloves, and more.  All of these items are available in the brick and mortar shop right now.

As far as the fishing goes, the small bass are starting to move all around now.  They were concentrated in a few select spots on the west side of the bay and the rivers that feed it, but have recently got moving.  To find them, you are going to have to look around.  The other change is that what was previously a bloodworm bite primarily has started showing a definite shift to artificials.  Kettle Creek Shads, NLBN shads (3” mostly), small Tsunami Holographic Shad (3 to 4 inches), Small Storm Shads (3 to 4 inches), small Rapala X-Raps and small gliders have all been working.

We have heard a few reports of winter flounder here and there.  If you want to try for them, we will have the bloodworms to give it a try.

We have also heard a few rumors of another bay starting to heat up.  No confirmations yet, just rumors.

On the "cover", @mannyd123 has been having some stellar nights in the back bay.  Here is one of many...

Ray was a bit overwhelmed with the most recent order…