Bug Bites!

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Bug Bites!

Well, these innocent little crustaceans really caused a ruckus this past weekend.  Not only were the striped bass and fluke feeding on them, but some curmudgeons on the internet were upset that we, specifically Scott, apparently let the cat out of the bag for a big secret they were apparently keeping.  Not only did no one know that striped bass feed on whatever they could get their mouths around, including sand crabs, but also letting people know on our social media has apparently unequivocally ruined striped bass fishing in New Jersey beyond the scope of repair.

So, sarcasm aside, if there was that reaction to this fishing, it must be good.  Here is what you are going to need to get in on the “bug” bite.  A MaiTai Striped Bass Chunking Rig With Fish Finder is about the perfect rig for this.  Pair it with a light bank or dispey sinker.  You want enough weight to keep it at the bottom.  You don’t want a pyramid or Hatteras sinker as you want your offering moving around with he currents and such.  For collecting your bait, you want a sand flea rake.  As anyone who spent any time digging sand crabs at the beach as a kid, you will know one isn’t technically required (as you can simply dig them with your hands) but the rake makes it so much easier.  You will spend less time collecting bait and more time catching fish.  We have a restock of sand flea rakes arriving later this week.  Keep an eye on our Facebook or Instagram accounts to learn when they arrive.

The other bug bite that started up this past weekend was the black fly bite.  We had west winds for part fo the weekend and when they were blowing, the flies were out.  We have the solution. Captain Ron's All Natural Insect Repellent.  We have it in store and online, so you can have a bite free day on the beach.


We got in a restock of Grumpy Apparel this week.  Within the restock are two new items, or specifically two new variations of existing items.  First, the Grumpys Tackle Printed Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt is now available in Heather Gray with black printing.  They look sharp.  In the Grumpys Printed Logo Tank Top, we added a new color, it’s a nice bright blue and will look great when you are doing your “sun’s out, gun’s out” routine.  As we keep adding colors, we’ll have a full rainbow to select from soon. 

Interested in learning how to surf fish? Check out the Beginner Surf Fishing Clinic held at Island Beach State Park on Fridays starting July 1st.  Already an expert surf fisherman?  Good, but don’t skip this link.  There are other programs you may be interested, like Seining clinics, shellfish farming, kayak tours, and so much more.   Go to their website at islandbeachnatureprograms.org for more info.

As far as the fishing report goes, obviously the bug bite is hot.  But bass have also been taking clams (yes, still…) and there is some chatter that lures are working in the low to no light hours.  Bluefish are still around and they are taking chunked bunker, whole mullet or, if you like fishing artificial lures, poppers.  The fluke in the surf are taking Gulp! fished on a bucktail, and are also feeding heavily on the sand crabs. 

Here are some notable catches from this weekend:


Eric Andrews with a 30” 9.45lb Bass that took a Grumpy Clam in the wash


On Saturday, @afg12876 took advantage of the sand crab bite.  Here is one of many landed that day.


Good Customer had a good topwater bite with some nice bass.


Michael Holden with a 39.5” striped bass on a bunker chunk.


There's too many Shel E's in this picture.  is that a mirror?  Nope, it's Shel E posing with a nice 3.5 pound fluke (taken on Gulp!) posing in front of his picture on our new window treatments.


Bergen County Pete with a nice fluke.


Ethan with a 31” 10.2 lb bass caught in the surf on clam on Sunday. He said he was watching the bass right in the wash.


Raymond Nasto back at it again on Monday with more bass on sand crabs.  


@afg12876 out again with bass up to 35” on sand fleas.

Ben with a nice 22” 5.05 lb fluke off Gulp! off the beach.


Allie with a 30” 9.65 lb bass taken on clam!


Ava and Annabelle with a 1.9 lb fluke taken on bunker!

Raymond has taken up interpretive dance as a hobby.  He decided to dedicate his latest performance to the red hot sand flea bite.  Here it is…