Clams, Clams, and Clams...

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Clams, Clams, and Clams...

A real quick shop news for this report.  We received a big shipment from one of our biggest distributors on Monday.  Ray and Scott spent the day checking it in and putting it away.  There wasn’t many “new to the shop” products in this one, but if we have been out of something, there’s a real good chance we no longer are.

In “Not In the Shop” news, the Berkeley Striper Club Spring Striped Bass Catch & Release Tournament is coming up next week.  It runs from Friday 5/27 to Sunday 6/5 this year.  You can sign up in the shop, we have applications by the register.  More information can be found here:

Fishing has remained good off the surf for striped bass for those fishing with clams.  “Throw the snot” is the name of the game still.  For those who prefer to fish lures, there has been some signs of life for that too, though you will want to fish in the dark to give yourself a better chance of success.  An old standby, the bomber plug, has been receiving some love lately. SP Minnows, Mag Darters, Hydro Minnows and X-Raps will likely work too. 

Bluefish are still cruising the back bay, and have started to show up in the surf.  Going by those reports, its safe to assume you can find them in either inlet if you time the tides correctly. 

Fluke fishing has been good in the back bays.  We haven’t heard anything from the ocean as the water is still a bit on the cold side for a consistent fluke bite.  Some big fish are coming out of the bay however.

Here are some notable catches from the weekend.


Kami reporting good bass on clams.


Another day, another fish for George Miller and his buddy John.  They said they hammered fish on, guess what…clam.


Eugene (from the previous report) was on them again.


David Chambers with a nice 19 pound  bass on the Grumpys Clam


What a catch!!! 4 year old Bailey with a 40” Bass she caught on clams.  How many anglers have caught a fish nearly as large as they are?


@jaykaritko with a 42” fish early Saturday morning.


Martin Kacsur was in the shop at 5:30 Saturday morning and he came back reporting 4 bass up to 41” This one was 31” and tipped the scales at 11.95 lbs.


Andy with a 41.5” bass caught on…we’ll, you can guess. Congrats on your personal best fish Andy.


Sean Morelli found some bass on the rocks today. This is a good sign that the artificial lures bite is starting up.


Matt Donato living the high life with a 35” 18.2 lb bass off the surf.


Pat V got himself a killer clam rake and had himself a day locally. We have everything you need to get yourself some clams. Stop in and stock up.


Mia Amore with a 30” 10.10LB Bass on clams.. Nice fish Mia!


Jenna didn’t let the blues get her down today. She found some blues on SP minnows and her girlfriend found stripers on clam.


Fluke Slayer Scarlett was back at it again. Our own Sean and Scarlett went out Sunday and caught this 5.5 pound fluke on a S&S Bucktails Fluke Nukem jig. Way to go Scarlett!


Congrats to store regular @johnjohn_ on this 40” fish he caught on Sunday.


Capt. William Heade with a nice bass that took a clam.

 Clams are doing so well catching striped bass off the surf Ray has decided to dress up with one and do the “town cryer” thing outside the shop to let everyone know.  Look for him out front under the sign, dressed like this…