Fluke, Blues and a Gulp! Sale

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Fluke, Blues and a Gulp! Sale

We have new Grumpys Tackle stickers available.  Jenni cleaned up the logo, changed the font and ordered them from a place that can do die-cut stickers.  They came out great.  We have them available now both in the store and online. 

Our sale on 8 Inch Gulp! Grubs is ongoing.  This has been such a popular sale, we had to restock as we were running out of some colors. If you want to get some of the “big fluke” Gulp! grubs at a fantastic price, pull the trigger soon.  The sale ends on Sunday. 

We have restocked on Combat Gliders from Alan’s Custom Lures.  We have also added a few new color options (see above). 

We have also restocked on Angry jigs.  These are an in-store only item (for now), so you are going to have to show up in person if you want any.  Or you can reach out to us at the Contact Us page and ask nicely.

The fishing remains pretty much the same.  Fluke in the surf on bucktails and Gulp!, bluefish in the surf on mullet or small metal lures,  and some Spanish mackerel showing up here and there.  The boats are still getting fluke off the nearshore reefs and wrecks, also on bucktails and Gulp!.  In the bay, spot, blowfish, snapper bluefish and blueclaw crabs are on the menu.

The only new piece of news we have for this report is we have heard that guys fishing the bay near the shop have been targeting, and catching, fluke. 

Here are some notable catches.

Alan Kunze with a 3.65LB Fluke from the surf on Gulp!

The NFL pre-season games have started.  What does this mean?  Well, besides the fact that the mullet run should start soon, it’s also time for Ray to do his yearly football related foot-in-mouth maneuver.  What is that you ask?  Well, for those who do not know, Ray has been a fan of the football team in Washington DC since he was a child, and ironically the last time they were good.  To Ray’s credit, he has always been a loyal fan.  Every year, right around this time of year, Ray gets excited about some sort of trade or prospect (or new owner in this case) and says a phrase akin to “This is going to be Washington’s year!”  And then, inevitably, within 2 to 4 games, Ray finds himself regretting that statement.  How many weeks into the season before Ray’s hopes get sacked this year?