Happy Valentine's Day from Grumpys Tackle

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Happy Valentine's Day from Grumpys Tackle

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our customers.  And as a public service reminder, in 9 months, the striped bass are going to be in the surf.  Make good, safe Valentine’s Day decisions so you are available to fish 9 months from now. 

We have a lot of shop news to get through.

We have been swamped with reel and rod repairs the past month and a half.  If you have been called that your rod or reel has been completed, please come pick it up.  We are running out of room for our finished repairs.


Jenni has been busy at the design “table”.  We have a few new “Designed by Jenni” Grumpy stickers available.  First, we have a new size for the “Quit Breathing My Air” sticker.  The new smaller size is perfect for cell phones, water bottles, hard hats, and other spots a “normal” sized sticker wouldn’t fit.  Jenni also designed an Osprey sticker, as an homage to those birds that always seem to outfish us (admit it, they do…).  And last, we have a collaboration between Grumpys tackle and Bob The Garbageman.  We present the Grampys Bunkah! Sticker.  There is no place this sticker would be inappropriate to apply.


We received a full restock of ODM rods and surf bags.  Within that order was two new rods from ODM.  Both the D.N.A. and Genesis line of rods now feature a 9’6” model.  The 9’6” D.N.A. is rated for ¾ to 4 oz, while the 9’6” Genesis is rated for ½ to 3 ½ oz.  Just like all the other ODM rods, they are made with quality components and are designed to cast and fight fish well.  Check them out.


We received a very small order of Van Staal VSX2 Bailed reels.  We have one VSB50X2 in silver left in stock.  First come, first serve.  You can come in to the store to pick it up, or buy it right now off of our website right now.  You can even buy it off the website and pick it up in-store to save on shipping costs.


We are now a Cortland Masterbraid dealer.  We have both the bulk spools and filler spools in the shop.  We will have Masterbraid as a choice for spooling reels purchased online shortly. 


Frogg Toggs has sent us the first part of our waders order.  We now have the new Hellbender Pro Bootfoot Chest waders in stock.  Available both online and in the shop.  Also, exclusive to the shop, are the Frogg Togg Rana II waders. 


On the website we have added a new feature.  We now have an articles section.  This is where we will post How-to / When-to / Why-to articles written by the Grumpys staff.  We planning  to post one article per month, and we started with a Back Bay Striped Bass Fishing primer by our own Online Sales Manager.  Check it out here.  What kind of article would you like to see next?  Let us know on our Contact Us page. 


On Saturday February 18th, Grumpys Tackle will be at the Jersey Shore Surfcasters Surf Day, a “Day Dedicated to the Surfcaster” at Brookdale Community College, 765 Newman Springs Road in Lincroft.  Doors open at 8:30 a.m.  We will have tons of surf tackle, plus eels and rods, including custom ODM Evolution rods.  Don’t miss this show.  (Note: The shop will be open it’s normal hours on this day, and will also be fully stocked for your shopping needs). 

How has the fishing been?  We are not sure.  The weather has been mostly good, and people have gone out to fish the surf for striped bass.  Not a lot of anglers, but there have been some.  None have reported back about catching, or even not catching.  There are two possibilities we can surmise.  There are no fish around or there are tons of fish around and these anglers are great at keeping secrets. Which do you think it is?

It’s Valentine’s Day.  Anyone coming to the shop will see Ray has dressed for the holiday.


We also are doing a fundraiser.  We have a kissing booth.  Only $5.00 to smooch Scott.  Money goes to the mental health costs of those who chose to smooch Scott…