Hello September

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Hello September

As usual, shop news first...

We have restocked on the very popular small Bait Locker.  This size is perfect for the surf fluke angler, or those who like to stay more mobile and less encumbered by lots of tackle, without having to deal with the smell or stains from leaky Gulp! packages.

Speaking of Gulp!, we added two products from Berkley to the online store,  Gulp! Saltwater Shrimp and Gulp! Saltwater Ghost Shrimp.  Everything that swims loves shrimp, and these two offerings have accounted for many quality catchers of fluke (summer flounder), redfish, snook, sea trout and many more gamefish.

This summer we received a ton of requests for “Chicken Rigs” for fluke.  So we got MaiTai working on it.  Those rigs just arrived in the shop and online.  The MaiTai Chicken Rigs are a deadly Hi/Lo rigs designed for fluke but can also be used for fishing reefs for black sea bass, snapper, or grouper.

As far as the fishing goes, the fluke are still the star of the show. Speculation from the last report that the surf might be slowing down may have been a bit premature.  Legendary Larry reported some lights out fluke fishing (see below) from the surf. 

Fishing for fluke in boats has remained very good on the nearshore reef and wrecks.  Bucktails and Gulp! are still the number one way to target them, but those who insist on using natural bait are finding mackerel strips are taking some nice sized fluke.

The small bluefish are still around, along with scattered reports of Spanish mackerel and bonito.  No reports of false albacore yet. Yet...

Also in the surf are lots of cow-nosed rays.  Be careful with your spiked rods, as these strong fish are known to steal an unattended rod or two.  Hooking one puts you in for the fight of your life.  We had a really cool catch from someone who was trying to have fun with the rays (see below).

The inshore blackfishing has been good.  Local jetties and backwater spots are giving up lots of willing tog, but most are shorts.  Sand fleas are the way to go.

On the bayside, the snappers are around, but the biggest story are the spot.  Even the anglers catching blowfish are getting more spot than puffers.  Small bits of squid, clam or Fish Bites for the spot and puffers.

The report on crabbing is that it remains good, but to put together a good catch you will need to cull through lots of small crabs.  Bunker is the best bait.

Here are some notable catches:


@kevinshannon2020 was trying to get his son hooked up to some cow-nose rays, but the father & son team got one heck of a surprise, a 46” cobia caught on a bunker chunk.   Sadly, we were already closed when they came off the beach, so there’s no official weigh in picture. However, that did not stop this duo from taking their own picture with their own scale, which the fish pulled down to the 25 pound mark.


John Glatz with a 19inch, 2.7 pound fluke taken on Gulp! off the surf.


Larry is back at it again! He reported great fluking Thursday morning, but said to make sure you bring the Capt Ron’s.  The west wind brought out the biting black flies en-force.


Danny is crushing blackfish on the jetty raking his own sand fleas and calicos. Grab a rake, grab some rigs, and catch some fish.


Lou with 2.3 pound 19 inch fluke taken with Gulp!

We are going to lay off Ray for a report, as Ray is extending his vacation because he has a bellyache.  Instead, we are highlighting Scott, who just got a new, spiffy haircut.  Its also an example of why you DO NOT go to a discount haircut joint…