It was a joke!  (And we're (not) sorry)

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It was a joke! (And we're (not) sorry)

Ok, so yesterday’s fishing report was a joke.  Some might say a cruel joke.  I guess it depends on whether you fell for it.  One person in the shop did.  I won’t say who, but he took his fancy kayak, some big circle hooks and his pink fishing rods to the Toms River to try and catch whatever was stealing everyone’ s fish….

Here is the real news from the shop this week. 

We had a big order come in from one of our distributors today and have a couple more scheduled for next week. Ray has gone from worrying about having enough stock for the shop to worry about where to put it all.  At least he is still worrying.

We had a huge shipment of Black Hole USA blanks come in this week.  Including the hard-to-find 701L, 691UL and S-791UL blanks.  If you want one, Blackcloud Bob has a couple of pre-built custom-spec rods on the rack, but they won’t last long.  If you want one built to your personal specifications, i.e a full custom, come down to the shop and speak to Bob.  If you want a factory built Black Hole Challenger Bank rod, we have them too, both in-store and online.

We got more SaltX reels from Tsunami in and have restocked both the brick and mortar and online shops.  We have both sizes and both colors available.

Fox Lures Teasers

We have a new vendor in the shop, Fox Lures.  Specifically, we have their teasers.   Come in and check them out.  We will also have these up in the online store sometime early next week for those who don’t feel like showing up. 

As for the fish, there was a grain of truth to the report from “JC_Superstar” in yesterday’s fictitious report.  We have received good reports of striped bass fishing all over the bay.  Seems with he warmer weather warming up the water the fish have begin to move about. 

Don’t forget, tautog (blackfish) season opened today.  We don’t have them yet, but we are working on getting green crabs.  Keep an eye on our Instagram of Facebook accounts, we will announce as soon as we get them on those platforms. 

Ray was angry in the shop this afternoon.  I am pretty sure it had to do with yesterday’s report.  I bet he was unhappy about the fishing reel part of it.  And not that we posted a fake reel, but that the reel wasn’t, well, real.  He through it was a great idea and wanted to sell them.  He was making the following faces all afternoon…