Mullet, Peanut Bunker and Sand Eels

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Mullet, Peanut Bunker and Sand Eels

Last week we mentioned Ray was getting excited for a shipment and he was disappointed it didn’t show.

Well, it showed.

We received an order of lures from Bill Hurley Lures.  These are some of the best sand eel imitations available.  We restocked on 7" Mini Rat Tails, 7" Paddletail Sand Eels, 7" Swimming Sand Eels, 7.5" Mouse Tails, and 9" Rat Tail Sand Eel Replacement Packs.  

We also added a couple new products from Bill Hurley.  First, there is a new packaging option for the 7” Paddletail sand eels.  It is the Cape Cod Sand Eels - 7" Paddletail Sand Eel - 3 Pack.  While the original packaging has one jig head with multiple tails, this packaging has three tails conveniently pre-rigged on three jig heads. 

Second, we added the Cape Cod Sand Eels - 7" Sand Eel Swimbait.  These are larger than the other 7” offerings, with the same thickness as the 9” rat tails.  They have a paddletail for more action and come rigged on a 2.5 oz or 4 oz jig head.  Good for off boats, or deeper water with lots of current such as inlets and breachways.   We also have the replacement 3 packs for these.

The mullet run remains strong, and with that, the fishing remains good. The star of the surf show is still the bluefish, with plenty of them chasing mullet through the surf.  Previous weeks, the blues were keying on bait mostly.  Lately, more and more fish have been taking lures, to the point where the catch is about 50/50.  Metals, SP minnows, Mag Darters, and poppers have been working for them.  And if you want to fish bait, we have plenty of fresh mullet and mullet rigs.

Striped bass have also been hitting in the surf.  They seem to prefer kettle creek shads on small jig heads, swim shads, or Tsunami Pro Tidal Mullet fished slow under the mullet schools.

We have also seen plenty of peanut bunker in the bay.  There have been some small bass chasing them after dark in all the usual places you find bass in the dark in the bay.  Sorry, no spot burns for this one.  With all the bait in the bay, we are looking to have a potentially good fall.

Like I said earlier, Ray was ecstatic the Bill Hurley lures showed up.