Ray is away, the fish will play...

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Ray is away, the fish will play...

Shop News first…

We had a busy week in the shop with Ray on vacation.  Coincidence?  Hmmm

 For those of you who are gearing up to go inshore tuna fishing this year, but have a budget (or someone watching your expenditures), we got in a load of big Shimano Saragosa spinning reels.  Size 8000 and 10000, spooled with braid, will make beating an inshore bluefin on spinning tackle a lot of fun. 


We have had a few customers waiting for our PortaRod shipment to arrive.  It just did, and we have them in the store and online.  Stop letting your rods lay in the bed of your pickup truck.  We see too many “it just broke” rods come in that broke exactly where it’s owner let it lay against the tailgate as they drove out the beach.  Don’t be that guy, get a PortaRod. 

We have also restocked on the following items if you have been waiting for them:

It wasn't just restocks though, we also got in some new stuff.


First, we now have Grumpy brand soft coolers.  These coolers hold 20 cans of beverages, or about a dozen fresh bunker, or a couple quarts of clams, or about 8-10 packs of frozen mullet.  These will keep your bait fresher than a plastic bag.  And when you are done, unlike the big bulky hard-sided coolers, you can fold it up and put it away for convenient, easy storage.  We got them in bright green & black to make it easier for you to notice that you are leaving it behind. 

We also added a couple small items from Tsunami.  First is their Holographic HiLo Teaser Rig.  This rig is perfect for jigging fluke or sea bass.  It comes with a clip for your jig, and above that is a Tsunami Holographic Teaser with a baitholder hook, perfect for Gulp!, curly tails, or the bait of your choice.


The other Tsunami items will be new to most people who have not fished south of here.  For those who have plied backwaters from North Carolina down to Florida, you know what a popping cork rig is.  They are fantastic for targeting redfish or sea trout.  And there is no reason they will not work on striped bass, weakfish, or even fluke (in shallow enough water, and yes, fluke go shallow).  So we got in the Tsunami Popping Corks to let everyone give it a shot.  Come into the shop and check them out, or pick them up online.

The fishing this week still remains good, with striped bass on clams in the surf still the star of the show.  We had some anglers go out and come back for more clams the bite was so good at times.  We have had reports of bluefish still coming out of the surf with some regularity also.  Poppers and metals have been the best for them.  If you like to bait fish for bluefish, bunker is the ay to go.

The seabass fishing at the inshore wrecks and reefs has been very good for the boaters.  Slow pitch jigs like the Slow Pitch Slayers or Nomad Gypsea jigs have been work, as has been salted clams used on a traditional bait rig.

With Ray out of the shop, and currently “out of cell range” (in his basement growing his beard back – see the last report) we haven’t received much pictures from the beach.  So here is the one weigh in we had:


Erick Regojo with a 31” 13.2 lb bass off of clam on Thursday.  Even with the brisk winds, the fish were biting.

On the day before he left for vacation, Ray left Scott in charge of ordering for the store.  Scott, drunk with power, has been going absolutely nuts with our suppliers.  It’s anybody guess what he has ordered.  Next week’s deliveries will be interesting.  I am sure there will be lots of pink items…