The Mullet are Running

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The Mullet are Running

In shop news…


We got in some more Grumpys “Quit Breathing My Air” stickers.  Its incredible how well one of Grumpy Hisself’s favorite insults has been selling on a sticker.  Well, its one of his favorites that we CAN sell on a sticker.  Jenni Herrself (no relation) did a good job designing the sticker, which may also explain its popularity. 

Ray and Scott have been putting together different combos in the shop all year.  We are coming up on striped bass season, so they put together a pair of wire line trolling rods.  Now, we know some of you hate trolling, and even more hate trolling wire.  But, if you want to catch a big striped bass, you need to fish a bunker spoon, and to properly fish a bunker spoon, you need to drag wire.  The combos are Tsunami Wire line Rods with Penn Special Senators, both of which handle the abuses of wire line beautifully.  Stop in the shop and check them out. 

Tsunami has dropped the retail price on their SaltX Spinning reels.  All sizes are now $299.  This is a fantastic price for a tough, waterproof reel.  If you have been considering one, procrastinating has paid off.  Now is the time to pull the trigger. 

In fishing news, the big news is that the mullet have shown up, right on time with the September full moon.  We have fresh mullet coming into the shop almost daily. 

The fishing off the surf has been good.  There are still fluke being caught, and some nice ones as the mullet have attracted the doormats into the surf.  A fresh mullet on a plain jig head will work for these, as will the usual bucktails and Gulp! combo.

We have also heard lots of reports of bluefish in the surf.  Mostly smaller but some varying sizes.  They are hitting mullet, metals, and poppers in the surf.

The rough surf we had over the weekend dirtied up the water a little.  This in turn pushed some of the more pelagic species, Spanish mackerel, bonito and false albacore, offshore a little.  We expect as the surf calms down and cleans up, they will be back.  False albies love the mullet run…

In the bay, snapper bluefish, spot and blowfish are still the best bet off the local docks and off of boats.  As the bay water cools, we expect to see some small striped bass to start making their presence known in the bay.

Here are some notable catches:


Barney with a nice 12lb striper caught on a Grumpys Mullet.  Barney also reported a lot of bluefish in the surf.


Legendary Larry strikes again with another nice fluke.

Ok, Ray is not going to be happy about this revelation, but with certain recent events, it needs to be told.  Ray is a big fan of the British Monarchy.  Huge!  Come into the shop and start saying how nice you think the late Princess Diana was, and you will see a small tear well up in his eyes.  (Say something not so nice and he will fight you).  With the coronation of a new British King, Ray is over the moon.  He has been watching the news about it all week.  Just ask him, and he’ll say “It’s good to be the king”