The Surf Is Getting Good

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The Surf Is Getting Good

First, shop news.

Among other unprecedented events lately, we are running a sale on Captain Ron’s All Natural Insect Repellent, the ultimate defense against biting insects (especially green head flies).  The weather is finally starting to warm up, and those little buggers are going to be hungry.  Stock up now with our Buy 5 Get One Free Sale.  We are running it from now through Memorial Day, so you can stock up for all of you summer fishing, beach and camping adventures. Available in the online store only, but if you are local and plan to be in the shop you can choose "In-Store Pickup" when you check out so you don't pay shipping charges.  To take advantage of this, just put 6 bottles in your cart, and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

While we have had these in the shop for a little while, we have added Angry Jigs Big Eye Fluke Jigs to the website.  These are the nicest ball-head fluke jigs we have ever had in the shop.  They come in sizes from ½ oz to 6 oz and are built with a quality Owner hook. 

He fishing remains good, although the focus has turned to the surf.  There are still bass and the occasional drum being caught quietly bayside, but if you want your best shot at a striped bass, fresh clams in the surf is your best option.  We have also heard of shads taking a few bass here and there too, so the artificial bite is starting.

The black drum have also shown up in the surf, although they are considerably smaller than what we recently had in the bay.

A few of those roaming bluefish we reported on last report were able to unlock their jaws and fell for some shads.  There were also reports of blues hitting pretty regularly on plastic swimming plugs like SP Minnows or Mag Darters in a nearby river.  Which one?  You will need to figure that one out yourself. 

Some notable catches:

Our cover is our very own Sean and his daughter Scarlett with her personal best striped bass taken from the surf on a Grumpy Clam.

Little Ryan Franzoso came in late Monday with his 1st Bass weigh-in! A beautiful slot bass he caught on the beach using Fresh Grumpy Clams! Congrats Ryan!

Less than 24 hours later, Little Ryan is on them again Tuesday morning! Nice fish buddy! Fresh Clams again.

Mark and Brandon with a Striper and a black drum from early Tuesday.

With all of the other unprecedented fishing going on, now mackerel are washing up on the beach.  @jayboots93_ found this cute little fella flopping around today.

@gmiller10000 got on them Wednesday.

@drocknj has had a productive Thursday evening.

Thursday was take your kid to work day.  The day actually has a more formal name, but you all know what I am talking about.  Ray decided he was going all in and brought the whole family, as you can see.

Ok, ok, that is kind of unfair.  Ray didn’t bring the whole family.  Instead, he took the day off to spend with his family.  He says that is the same thing, right?

Oh, and as an added bonus, there were three "Ray & Family Portraits" created.  Since we were not sure which was the best, here are the other two.