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Welcome to the Fall Run

The fall run is starting, and if this fall run is like any of the past 12-ish fall runs, sand eels are going to factor into the equation big time.  We added two new products to the online store getting ready for the season.  These are also available in store. 

The first is Sportfish Products Sand Eel Teasers.  You all may know how effective a famous sand eel teaser is from across the “big pond”, right?  Those tend to be hard to get around here.  We were able to source something very similar from a local company, Sportfish Products.  And these come with better hooks than the originals.  Available in packs of two, in 5 colors.  They are very versatile.  You can rig these in front of an AVA jig, a swimming plug like an SP Minnow or Yo-zuri Mag Darter, a needlefish or even in front of another sand eel lure

Also added to the online store is a sand eel teaser that comes with a good pedigree.  Tsunami is making their Holographic Sand Eels in a 4 inch size and calling them Holographic Teaser Eels.  Basically, they are small holographic sand eels that you can rig as a teaser.  Available in packs of 4 and in two colors.  And these are already proven.  Last fall our very own Scott caught a 40 inch fish on one of these.  They can also be fished on their own as a light tackle version of the holographic sand eel.

As far as the fishing goes, we haven’t heard too much as there is a storm front pushing through the area and keeping most sane people home.  From the less than sane we have heard that there are still bluefish and smaller striped bass chasing mullet around.  Blackfish and triggerfish have readily been eating both green crabs and sand fleas fished on S&S White Chin Wrecker jigs around the inlets.  And the blowfish bite is still going strong in the bay. Once the front pushes through and anglers get back out on the water we will have more information.

We have been cleaning out the end unit of the building recently.  Yesterday during some of that clean out, it was discovered that there was an opossum living under some floor boards.  Ray and Blackcloud Bob had very different reactions to the discovery…

No opossums were hurt during the clean out, though one has been inconvenienced…