Winding Down From a Nor'Easter

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Winding Down From a Nor'Easter

In shop news, we have received some new stuff from Madd Mantis.  We got a new size Cherry Popper which the tuna anglers are going to love.  The Cherry 170 is 6.70 inches long, 3.70 oz, and comes rigged with 6x VMC Fishfighter Trebles. Big stripers are going to like it too.  We have also added a larger version of the Plank that the striped bass anglers will love, and the tuna anglers are going to find useful too.  The Plank 205 is 8.07 inches long, weighs 3.00 oz, and also comes rigged with 6x VMC Fishfighter Trebles.  In more Madd Mantis news, the very popular Quake has been restocked, and now they come rigged with 6x VMX Fishfighter trebles.


We have been continuing to add MaiTai rigs to the online store.  MaiTai makes a plethora of rigs, but we have moved past the halfway point of what we need to put online.  The new rigs available are the BlackFish Bottom Rig, the Blackfish SNAFU rig, and the Fluke Bucktail Teaser Rig.  The last rig is a special request from our shop to replace the fluke rigs we keep by the register all summer, at least when we could keep up with demand.  Having them come from MaiTai will help with that. 


In “near the shop” news, the Berkley Striper Club is having their annual Fisherman’s Flea Market this upcoming Saturday from 9am-2pm.  It will be held in the park right across the street from our brick and mortar store.   We expect this to be a great time.  There will be lots of good plug builders and vendors will be in attendance. Grumpys Tackle will be there with some discounted items and the full Line-up of ODM Rods for you to check out.  After you’re done at the flea market stop by the shop and show your BSC wrist band to get a discount on whatever you buy (some limits apply).  

As far as the fishing goes, the weather over the weekend kept almost everyone off the water.  And that was the smart choice, as this was a wicked nor’easter.  We had a few anglers stop in the shop for clams, and we never heard from them again.  We hope they are OK.  As of now (830-ish Tuesday night), the weather is finally settling down.  The water should be fishable, but you are going to need some heavy sinkers.  By Thursday the wind is supposed to lighten up (but will remain from the Northeast).  Also, there has been a lot of erosion, so in some places beach access points are not accessible. Hey, at least the rain stopped…

The back bay still has bass, fluke and weakfish in it, and today when I saw the bay from one of the bridges that cross it, the water didn’t look too dirty.  So those fish are available right now if you don’t want to deal with heavy NE surf and eroded beach access points.

As far as notable catches, there were none this weekend because of the weather.  But we did get a weigh in at the last minute tonight from our very own pink wonder, Scott Thomas.  Scott was out on his kayak and caught a beautiful 5.75 lb fluke using Gulp! and S&S bucktails.  Look at how happy he looks.  Almost as happy as if he won a bet for a custom jigging rod.

Ray is going to get a little break today, because there are two items related to media that we want to share.  First, Grumpys Tackle was featured in an article in On The Water magazine in their May edition.  (And if you go read it and see the picture they used of the guys in the shop, well, you can see why we are giving Ray a break…).  Also, our own Jenni has not only made the cover of The Fisherman magazine, but she also nabbed a summer internship as a graphic artist.  Congrats Jenni!  We are glad to know you before you became famous 😊