A Quickie Report

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A Quickie Report

We made a few minor cosmetic changes to the website.  Essentially like throwing a new coat of paint on the walls in the den, or man cave, or whatever you call the room you like to hang out in.  Let us know if you like it or dislike it here – Contact Us.

With the weather moving out, we are experiencing some warm air temps, which is creating a lot of fog around here.  But the wind is low, or at time non-existent, so the conditions are good to fish.  We have had some low participation because of the weather but have been receiving good reports.  I think we had 10 anglers come through the shop who were on their way out to fish, and of those, seven reported back that they caught striped bass.

  • Where? In the surf between Bay Head and IBSP
  • On?  SP Minnows, Swim Shads, Bunker Chunks
  • When?  Low-Light conditions, which, with the fog, was pretty much all day today.

Here are some notable catches:


John Bovie with a 33” 12.50lb Bass taken on Bunker in the surf


Dennis Vong with a 33” 13.15lb Bass taken on a SP Minnow in the surf


Hank with a 35” 13.95lb Bass that took a Bunker Chunk in the Surf.


John Bo with a 42” bass caught on bunker.

We are going to lay off Ray for a report.  It’s not that we want to be nice to Ray.  We just hear that Jenni has been given a challenge to win herself a new Van Staal.  I wonder what that challenge is…