Stripers, Stripers, Stripers

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Stripers, Stripers, Stripers

In shop news…

We received a load of Scabellys jointed pikies….and they’re gone…

Don’t be sad, in Scabellys news, he is currently working on a batch of gliders for the online store.  He says they are about two weeks out.  Pay attention to our Facebook or Instagram pages to see when they arrive. 

For those who don’t want to wait, we have gliders from Alan’s Custom Lures and Salty C’s in stock.  We also have the "glider like", "but not actually a glider", Al Gags The Gagster

In fishing news, the big striped bass are back.  Bunker chunks were the hot bait, though clams were taking their share of fish too in the rough surf.  For lures, while the surf was rough, lures that held better in a current and rough water were working better, such as Susperstrike Little Neck Swimmers, Susperstrike Zig-Zag Darters, and Gibbs Polaris Swimmers.  Bucktails such as the S&S Rockhopper, Rockhopper Pro or John Skinner Smiling Bill were also working when tipped with Otter Tails or Gotcha Grubs

Here are a bunch of notable catches:


It didn’t take long for George Miller to catch this one Thursday night. He got it on his second cast with a Yo-Zuri Mag Darter.


Our very good customer Barney didn’t let the wind scare him away Friday morning. He landed this slob using fresh bunker.


George Ford just stopped into to give us this great report on Saturday morning. He said “2 Bass landed this morning. One 39 inches and the other was much bigger all on bunker. Lost another good one in wash.”


Hank DiChurch with a 43 inch Bass that took a Bunker Chunk in the surf. He lost another as well.

Our featured photo is George Miller with another beautiful bass he caught right before dark, again using a Yo-Zuri Mag Darter.


David McKay with a 47.5 inch fish on chunks!


Peter McKay with a 16.35 pound, 37.5 inch bass on a chunk!


John Atherton with a bass on a metal.  This one swam off after being measured at 43 inches.


George Miller landed his personal best striped bass using fresh bunker.


@huntermosner with a slob taken on an Ava.


@mike__brandt on a Superstrike darter.


@kyle7683 with a 46 inch fish Sunday morning.


Justin Miller and his dad had an awesome trip blackfishing catching these beasts all on the S&S Bucktails white chin wreckers.  And looking good in some Grumpy hats.


We had an angler who wanted to remain anonymous come in with a 33.5 inch, 13.5 pound bass caught on clams. He said it was one of 4 he caught after it got dark.  We don’t know why he wanted to remain anonymous.  Witness Protection program?  Did he tell his wife he was taking the kids Trick or Treating?  Did he tell his boss that he was out sick?  Was it Bob The Garbageman not wanting to admit he fished clams?  No one will ever know…


Congrats to @thesaltycorolla on this beautiful 45 inch Bass that took a Salted Clam in the suds Monday morning.

We are going to lay off Ray for this report. I know, I know, how disappointing.  We do have, however, something on Scott for this report.  Scott decided to do some fishing in that weird non-salty water you can find in other parts of the state.  He was looking for colorful, spotted fish that like to eat insects.  While he was “fishing”, he saw this rotund, furry creature coming downstream towards him.  Thinking it was another Grumpys employee, he waited for it.  He was surprised to find it was a beaver.  A very unfriendly beaver.  That promptly attacked him.  Scott has some beaver PTSD now…