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And It Gets Even Weirder…

In shop news, we have restocked some of the more popular St Croix Rods.  Come on in and check out what we have.

We (and by we, I mean Jenni, since she did all the work) just unpacked a big order of Gulp!.  The greatest order ever.  Huge.

As far as fishing reports go, the fluke off the surf is still fantastic.  And it is still all being caught on bucktails and Gulp!


Here is Mr Scabelly Himself, John Hudler with a 19 inch, 2.95 pound fluke he was inviting home for dinner.  Crashing the dinner party (and photobombing John’s attempt at looking like a supermodel holding a fish) is a 15 inch, 1.5 pound bluefish.  No word on whether the bluefish hit a Scabelly Glider.


Grant came in with a nice 23 inch, 3.6 pound fluke taken out of the IBSP surf on an S&S Bucktail and Berkley Gulp!

Remember the marlin from the last report?  Well, there was another.  Check out the video sent to us by @jpmcgee30 of another small marlin that he took from a surfboard.  The video is posted on our Instagram account here.

Now some people have been saying these are houndfish.  While there are houndfish around, there are clear enough shots to show that these are wayward billfish. 

We did have an angler come in the shop this evening with a picture of a houndfish he had caught asking for an identification.  He got it while trying for fluke.  Bucktails and Gulp!, not just for fluke anymore…

If you do want to try for houndfish (or maybe even marlin)  we have a few options for epoxy jigs from Midway Lures, Hogy, and Joe Baggs that will work for them.  

For anyone who is planning to come in to speak with Blackcloud Bob about a custom rod this week, don’t.  He isn’t here.  He is wandering around down in Florida at iCast.  So if you see someone in the Orlando area looking and acting like this, say hello…