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Still More Tropical Weirdness

In shop news, we just got in a handful of Black Hole Cape Cod Special Jigging Rods.  They are perfect for the inshore tuna bite going on right now. Available in 350g and 450g.  Come see what the other jigging rods are all trying to be.  Available in-store only, but if you need one shipped to you, hit us up on the Contact Us page.

The big news today was that there were a number of bluefish blitzes along the beach involving cocktail blues chasing spearing in the surf.  Charlie Graves Tins and S&S Game Over Metals will work on these feisty fish.


Paul Sacewicz found the blues, and invited two of them home for dinner.  He got these while fluke fishing on a bucktail tipped with Gulp!  Bucktails and Gulp! catch everything. 


@laubachben sent in a photo from the beach.  He got into blueish but also picked up a few Spanish Mackerel.  Resin jigs like the Midway Lures Resin jig work perfectly for these tasty southern speedsters.  They will also work on the bluefish.


The fluke fishing is still good off the beach, and they are still hitting bucktails and Gulp!.  Scabelly John brought us another nice fluke, this one weighing in at 2.45 pounds.  He looks happy about it, doesn't he?

The fluke fishing off the boats is doing well too.  From the shop, Ray, Sean and Frank were out today and reports of a bunch of keepers caught have circulated around the shop, the biggest going 8 pounds.  Berkley Gulp and S&S Fluke Nukem bucktails did all of the damage.

To continue the craziness we have been seeing in the ocean, Ray reported they found large schools of flying fish just a few miles off the beach when they were out fluking.  He said when they all took flight as the boat spooked them it was an impressive sight.

We are also hearing about lots of sharks and rays, both cow nose and rough tail, in the surf.  If you are fishing bait in a spiked rod, keep a good eye on it.  If it does get dragged off by a big fish, come on in for a replacement, we are currently well stocked.

There is good news on the bay side too.  The crabbing remains very good and the snapper bluefish have made an appearance.  If you have kids that want to go fishing, now is the time to take them.  A spearing suspended under a bobber is all you need to have a fun day on the local docks.

Blackclound Bob is still down in Florida trying to find his way to to ICast.  If anyone sees him, can you point him in the right direction?  Thanks.