Bass and Blues Despite The Weather

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Bass and Blues Despite The Weather

First, shop news…


We’ve added a few new items to the shop.  First is a new item from Nomad Design that has been getting a lot of buzz lately in the fishing community, The Squidtrex is a squid lure based on their popular Vertex jig lineup. It’s a very versatile lure, as It can be jigged vertically both fast and slow, or cast and retrieved like a vibe.  If the fish you chase eat squid, you are going to want one of these.  We received a partial order, so there aren’t too many in stock at the moment, but the rest of our order is on the way.

For the anglers who are starting to switch out the trebles on their lures to inline single hooks, we have something new for you.  BKK makes some fantastic hooks, and the LONEDIABLO inline single hooks are one of them.  Perfect for replacing the treble on a lure.  Which, with the new arrivals (see below), seems like good timing.

The weather we had over the weekend kinda killed the participation in the good bass fishing we had going on last week.  However, a few brave anglers toughed out the conditions and were rewarded with bass.  Clams were the bait doing it.

The other good news on the fishing front is that bigger bluefish have shown up.  We had reports of them caught in the surf, in both inlets, in the river north of here, and in the back bay in a few spots.  Come get your poppers, it’s time. 

We have also heard more respectable rumors of blowfish in the area for those that want to try for them.

Jut a reminder, fluke season opens May 2nd.  We have everything you need to target them, from jigs to rigs to Gulp! to Baitmule's.   

Here are some notable catches:

From our cover shot: Dinia didn’t let the weather get her down, because she was out there catching bass.

The Lethal Weapon, Matt Murtaugh with a 17.85 pounds 36” Bass on clam from the surf! Nasty conditions = Bass.

Big bluefish showing in the surf! Here’s Brielle Bullock with a 7LB Blue from the surf on a AVA!

Big Bluefish have moved into Barnegat Bay locally. Here’s @mdisalvo87 with a jumbo on bunker. Reporting good action Monday night. And despite their best efforts to obfuscate their location, I bet some of you can figure out where they were by that little patch of blue they missed in the top left corner.

Ray confessed today, just before the start of the Devils / Rangers Game 7 of their first round matchup in the Stanley Cup playoffs that, because the owner of the Devils was purchasing the Washington Commanders, that Ray is now a Devils fan.  Any of you familiar with Ray’s fandoms is that any team he likes basically stinks.  The couple of Devils fans in the shop threatened him with bodily harm for that.  Luckily, his affect hadn’t settled in for Game 7 as the Devils will be moving on in the layoffs and Patrick Kane can start practicing his retirement golf game a little early…