First Report of 2023

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First Report of 2023

Welcome to the season where there is more shop news than fishing in our fishing reports.  But don’t go away, there is still fishing in this fishing report.

But first, shop news…


Our first piece of shop news is a big one.  Most of you know we have our own line of surf rods, designed by our very own Blackcloud Bob.  We have added to the lineup.  Joining the original 9 footer, and the 10 and a half footer is an “almost 8 footer”.  Technically, it’s 7’10” long.  Unlike its siblings, it’s a one piece blank.  Like it’s siblings, it has a Blackcloud Bob guide layout using Fuji K guides, a fuji reels seat with a locking ring, and X-flock shrink wrap grips.  This rod is light and powerful, rated for throwing ½ to 2 oz lures, with plenty of backbone for when you hook something big, but light enough to cast all day.  We made this with 3 seasons in mind.  The early opening back bay bass season, the summer surf fluke season, and the late-late surf bass season (i.e. right now).  We are sure you will find other times you’ll love to fish this rod.  Check out the full lineup of Sandstorm rods


We have restocked again on No Live Bait Needed (NLBN) shads and jig heads.  We also added a new product (for us).  The 4 inch Mini mullets.  These have a profile that will allow then to imitate a mullet, or a large spearing.  Designed to be fished on a swim bait hook, the local striped bass are going to love these the way snook, redfish and seatrout love them down south. 


We added another new item, a line of Grumpys branded joggers.  These medium weight joggers are going to quickly become your favorite pants.  They have a pair of side pockets and a back pocket, an elastic waist, and cuffed leg openings, which makes them a better option than sweatpants.  And you will look great with the Grumpys logo on your leg.  We have them in two colors, black and army green. 


We restocked on 30 lb Boga Grips.  The 30 pound model is the standard all fish grips are compared to, and they had not been available for a while.  If you were waiting, on them, now is the time…


Here is a “Save The Date” announcement.  We are having our annual winter sale on January 28th and 29th.  We will have a bunch of deals on tackle, reels rods, etc.  We are working out the details on that.  But I can tell you about the biggest part of this.  We will have two special guests in attendance.  This year, Scabelly lures will be joined by Bigrock lures.  Oh boy, now there is a decision to make.  What table do you go to first?  We’ll have more details coming up as we get closer to the dates.  Keep an eye out on our Facebook and/or Instagram.

Ok, I promised fishing in this fishing report.  When the weather cooperates, there are striped bass to be caught in the local surf.  Small shads have been the way to go, like the 3” No Live Bait Needed, 3 or 4 inch Tsunami Holographic Swim Shad, 3 or 4 inch Storm shads, 4 inch Vudu shads or 4 inch Kettle Creek shads.  Fish them slow, and all the way into the wash. 

Not all of the fish are small.    Here is Barney with the first weighed in of 2023.  Coming in at 30 inches and 9 pounds, he caught it on a shad.

 The tog fishing has picked up recently.  Just after the new year, our own Ray, Sean and Jenni Herself took a ride on the Dauntless and put together a very nice catch.  Whitechin Wreckers were the hot jig. 

Speaking of Ray, he won a very special award for his work here at Grumpys last year.  He even received a trophy.  You should all ask him about it.

Totally unrelated.  I mean, not related in any way, believe me, is more Ray “news.”  Ray pulled a Ferris Bueller on Tuesday at the shop.  What is a Ferris Bueller?  Well, he called out sick.  But we found out he went fishing.  No reports on what he caught yet.  Here is Ray as Mr Bueller himself.


And since this one was entertaining too, here is a bonus GIF of Ray calling out sick…