Fishing is Still Amazing

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Fishing is Still Amazing

But first shop news…

After a great Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales, Ray was feeling particularly generous (dare we say Christmasy?) and decided to extend the sale on S&S Bucktails products.  So, we did, but made a slight difference.  From now until the end of the year or as long as supplies last, S&S Bucktails products are Buy One get One Free.  Just put multiple S&S Bucktails items in your cart and when you go to check out the discount will be applied automatically.  Two things to note, this does not apply to S&S Jigs items, and this is for the online store only

The fishing has been fantastic lately.  The worst reports we have been hearing are people getting into a slow pick of fish.  The best reports are lights out blitzes where the fish are hitting literally any lure you threw at them. 

Now, we have had the occasional person come into the shop saying they got skunked.  All of those people had one thing in common (besides their fish count).  They picked a spot to fish and stayed there.  The successful anglers are moving around and finding the fish.  And spots that have worked one day have been barren the next, so chasing reports isn’t going to work either.  Just go fish and be mobile and you will be successful.

We had so many notable catches we had to combine the pictures. 

Anglers and Birds.

Monday’s Catches.

The fishing was so good anglers fishing teasers were catching doubles.

Jenni was out Tuesday morning and had a great trip.

Wednesday catches.

More Wednesday catches

We have a Christmas Story about Ray. He told us this himself.…

Once upon a time in the whimsical town of Jinglebellington, there lived a fellow named Ray. Now, Ray was a peculiar character who had an unusual dream—he longed to be an elf. Not just any elf, mind you, but a jolly, sprightly, peppermint-sugarplum-enchanted elf. He was convinced that a life of toy-making, sugar-cookie-baking, and carol-singing would bring him unparalleled joy.

One frosty morning, with snowflakes dancing in the air, Ray decided to take matters into his own hands. He donned a pointy hat, green tights, and even painted his ears pointy with a bit too much enthusiasm. With a twinkle in his eye, he declared himself an honorary elf and marched straight into Santa's Workshop.

The head elf, a stout fellow named Jingle Jangle, looked Ray up and down with a bemused expression. "What brings you here, my friend?" inquired Jingle Jangle, a twinkle of curiosity in his eye.

Ray, trying his best to channel holiday cheer, exclaimed, "I want to be an elf, spreading joy and happiness throughout the land! Fa-la-la-la-la!"

Jingle Jangle chuckled heartily, his belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly. "Well, we're always in need of extra hands during the holiday season. But remember, it's not just about the hat and tights. You've got to be positively brimming with joy!"

Undeterred, Ray threw himself into elf duties. He painted wooden trains, stitched up teddy bear seams, and sprinkled extra sugar on the gingerbread cookies. Yet, no matter how hard he tried, Ray couldn't quite muster the boundless cheerfulness that seemed to come effortlessly to the other elves.

One day, as Ray was assembling a battalion of nutcrackers, he overheard a conversation between two elves, Twinkletoes and Jolly Holly. They were discussing the secrets of being truly, authentically happy.

"Twinkletoes," said Jolly Holly, "the real magic comes from within. It's not just the bells and whistles; it's the warmth in your heart, like hot cocoa on a winter's night."

Determined to unlock the secret of elfin happiness, Ray embarked on a quest. He ventured deep into the Candy Cane Forest, danced with snowflakes in the Peppermint Meadow, and even shared giggles with the mischievous Gingerbread Gang. Yet, the more he searched, the more he felt like a snowman in a heatwave—melting away without finding the answer.

One snowy night, as Ray gazed at the twinkling stars, he realized something profound. Perhaps his quest for constant happiness was missing the point. Maybe being an elf wasn't about being happy all the time but about spreading joy, even in the ordinary moments.

With this newfound wisdom, Ray returned to Santa's Workshop, ready to embrace his imperfect, occasionally grumpy, but genuinely spirited self. As he painted toys, his laughter echoed through the workshop, and his joy, though not constant, was infectious.

Jingle Jangle noticed the change and smiled. "Ray," he said, "you might not be the cheeriest elf in town, but you've got a heart as big as a present under the tree. That's what makes a real elf."

And so, in the enchanting town of Jinglebellington, Ray discovered that being an elf wasn't about having a perpetual twinkle in your eye; it was about sharing your unique light with the world, even if it flickered from time to time. And as the snow fell gently outside, Ray found contentment in being the elf he was meant to be—imperfect, genuine, and wonderfully, magically himself.

We think Ray may have been hitting the eggnog early…