Fishing Slows Down, then Bounces Back

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Fishing Slows Down, then Bounces Back

But first, shop news…

Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales?  We are, and Ray is doing something out of character for him (at least a little).  We will announce the sale Wednesday morning, so stay tuned. 

We got another big shipment from Yo-Zuri lures.  We now have a lot of Yo-Zuri lures in the shop, so if you are looking for one, come on in.

We added the new Yo-Zuri Mag Speed lures to both the shop and the online store.  These look like a deep diver, but they are actually a sinking lure designed to remain at the depth you begin your retrieve at.  In other words, let it sink 5 feet, start your retrieve, and it is supposed to stay at 5 feet.  Now, surf and current might affect that, so your mileage may vary, but the uses for these are interesting. 

For the fans of the Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore pencil (and who isn’t?), we now have all the colors available in-store and online.  ALL the colors. 

The fishing over the weekend went through a slowdown.  We had a large groundswell from a weather system offshore which produced some sizeable surf.  With the offshore wind, the surfers were happy, but the surf anglers were having trouble finding the fish.  They were still around, and a few anglers got them.  Those that caught fished either bunker chunks, or threw metal lures like Avas or Deadly Dicks.  As the surf died down Monday, anglers fishing swim shads started picking up fish, with the 5” NLBN Shads being the hot ticket. 

We have also heard some rumors of sand eels in the area.  No solid proof, yet, so stay tuned. 

Here are some notable catches:

Our cover photo:  Brittany Johnson of Brick NJ just started surf fishing and Friday was her first blitz.

@ltschnitz found some fish Friday on No Live Bait Needed Shads.

Chris is catching them Saturday morning on Ava Jigs.

@vinny_calvacca with a pair of bass from Saturday on SP minnows.

For those of you who have followed us for a while you know when Virginia Jack comes to town there’s going to be fish around. Fishing conditions are not ideal by any means, but if you’re willing to work for them, you’ve got a shot of catching some Bass. The No Live Bait Needed 5 inch limesider swim shad is a great option in conditions like this.

Ah, Raymond, the arboreal enthusiast of absurd olfactory delights! Raymond, whose nose is finely tuned to the nuanced symphony of tree fragrances, embarks on a quest through the forest with the determination of a truffle-sniffing pig on a mission. Clad in a cloak of leaves and armed with a tree-shaped staff, Raymond strides through the woodland, his nostrils flaring like a bloodhound chasing an elusive scent. He approaches each tree with the solemnity of a sommelier facing a rare vintage, inhaling deeply as if deciphering the ancient secrets whispered by the bark. "Ah, the delicate bouquet of oak with just a hint of pine," he declares with a flourish, much to the bewilderment of passing woodland creatures.