Speechless Fishing

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Speechless Fishing

Save the Date!   Grumpy Santa is coming out of his cave….ummmmm…. toy shop again this year.  Come in, get your picture with the white bearded one and help us raise some money for a great cause!

The olive green screen printed Grumpys sweatshirts have been very popular.  You can now get them in “Ray’s favorite” black.  With all the black he wears, Ray is likely a closet goth…

We added Van Staal trucker hats to the site.  Classic black with a silver embroidered logo on the front.  These look sharp!

We have also added the Z-Belts Two Tube Plug Bag to both the shop and the on-line store.  This bag was designed to go onto a surf belt instead of over your shoulder, relieving pressure on your back.   

With how crazy the pencil popper bite is, we added Tsunami Custom Crafted Wood Pencil Poppers to the site.  Budget friendly pencils that just work.  Two sizes, three colors. 

The fishing has been so good we have lost words to describe it.  Insane.  Off the hook.  Epic.  All accurate.  You have to be where the fish are, but with he reports we got in, the fish were in a lot of places.  Also, the night bite from the last report has transitioned into a morning/daytime/evening bite.  There is still a night bite, but the daylight shenanigans are the star of the show.

What is working?  Just about everything:  pencil poppers, metal lipped swimmers, SP Minnows, Bombers, Darters, Swim Shads, and bucktails

So if you need a sign to go fishing, here’s your sign:

Here are some notable catches (in case the sign wasn’t enough):

Our cover shot:  What it’s all about right here! Angler of the future!

Our very own Sean and Jenni got 12 fish in the dark Monday night.

If you were on the beach, you had a shot at great fishing these past few days. When the fish pushed in, anglers were able to get on them with pencils and swimmers. It’s a “right place at the right time” situation right now and anglers who are putting time in are being rewarded.

@dylan_ayars found schoolie bass.

@gmiller10000 and @picasso_of_destruction got into them.

Epic is a word that is often overused, but it’s a very fitting word to describe Tuesday. There were fish throughout the day.  Here are some of them.

Another one of those special days today. The Ocean County surf is giving up some awesome fishing right now. NJ fall fishing at its finest!

Some crazy action on Tuesday.

@gmiller10000 with an absolute TANK

Allen Szyszko with one that fell for an SP Minnow

We did some digging, and a little hacking of Ray’s social media accounts and it turns out, Ray is a goth!  Here’s the proof….